Biden nominee praises pandemic’s ‘unexpected bright side’

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There apparently was a good point to the COVID-19 pandemic that, over the last year, left millions dead and tens of millions out of work.

It is the benefits to the environment from having a “massive slowdown,” according to Monica Medina.

She’s President Biden’s nominee to be assistant secretary of the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Science Affairs, and she’s married to White House chief of staff Ron Klain.

“In the midst of the economic and health tragedy posed by the coronavirus pandemic, there is an unexpected bright side: the marked improvement in our environment as a result of the massive slowdown,” she wrote, with Our Daily Planet founder Miro Korenha, in a commentary in the Washington Post.

Fox News reported she said the nation should follow up on that benefit and restructure the economy around “green” jobs.

“With that comes a responsibility as well — to recover and rebuild in a way that helps deal with the challenge that will persist once the virus is under control,” the commentary continued.

Fox reported, “Medina and her fellow author wrote that they were fearful that people would hurriedly get back to normal ‘instead of appreciating what we had been missing in our consumption-driven, plastic- and fossil-fuel-addicted world.'”

They charged, “Now is also the time to make the pivot to sustainability. More stimulus funding will be needed to recover our economic vitality — to get businesses up and running again and to create jobs to replace the ones that are gone for good.”

And the ask, “Why shouldn’t these new jobs be green jobs, such as ones to restore coastlines, help build renewable energy infrastructure and grow our food more sustainably?”

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