Biden plans to steal the NEXT election. No kidding!

I wonder who gave Joe Biden this idea.

It’s how to steal the next election.

You think he’s just so unpopular it can’t be done?

Think again.

Nobody noticed that last year Biden issued Executive Order 14019, “Promoting Access to Voting.” It directed every federal agency, agencies that are staffed through partisan appointments, to create a plan to register and mobilize voters. It also orders these agencies to work with organizations such as activist groups to register and mobilize voters in whatever manner they see fit. In doing so, the Biden administration has politicized election processes that were uniquely guarded as nonpartisan since the ratification of the Constitution in 1788.

It tuns out Republicans just noticed the executive order.

This is the kind of “mobilization” Mark Zuckerberg did sending his “2000 Mules” in 2020. It’s what 2,000 Democrats did to fix, rob and steal the election. Biden is going to try it again. We can’t let him do it. I’m happy to alert you to his most dangerous idea yet.

There are few public details about what the relationship between the federal bureaucrats and state election administrators would look like or where any oversight would occur. And the president has been even more secretive about who will decide which third parties will be selected to participate in these registration and mobilization schemes. As a result, the Foundation for Government Accountability filed a Freedom of Information Act request in July 2021 to obtain various documents pertaining to the executive order.

But damned if Biden would follow the Freedom of Information Act within 12 months.

In fact, the deadline to comply is 20 DAYS! And the Foundation for Government Accountability has filed a lawsuit. That’s how we found out about this scam.

This was apparently Biden’s gambit if he wasn’t lucky enough to have a real epidemic, or a fake one, he could blame for stealing the November election – just four months away!

Thankfully, a few Republicans caught wind of the scheme at this late hour. Most of them were too busy with their campaigning.

Now there’s a bill in Congress to fight it – but you know there aren’t enough Republican votes to stop an executive order. Rep. Ted Budd of North Carolina and Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York are going to try at this late date. They started making noise about the bill recently.

The legislation calls for agencies of the government to stop soliciting or entering into agreements with non-governmental organizations to conduct voter registration or to conduct voter mobilization or from using federal funds to carry out activities directed by Executive Order 14019.

Since it’s illegal to do what this Biden order directs, the bill seeks to delay any implementation. Might be a tad late to shut the barn door – that horse could be galloping away by now.

And, again, even if every Republican votes for it, it won’t pass.

Are you convinced yet that the Democrats stole the last election?

Is this not all the proof you need?

I hope every news agency starts broadcasting this story immediately – but I know better than that. Big Tech even has Fox’s tongues tied. Nobody can even question the 2020 election. It’s dangerous! It’s un-American! You can’t say that! That’s just a conspiracy theory! Everywhere you get that kind of malarkey. It’s because we now live in BIG TECH HELL – something I’ve tried to sound the alarm over for years.

I know it’s entirely possible that this could, at the least, blow the whistle in some states. I think it’s possible that Americans might be angry enough that the Democrats stole a victory from Donald Trump and that Attorney General Merrick Garland is likely to try to frame him on the unprecedented charges they’re cooking over Jan. 6, that Biden’s scheme could be derailed, at least partially.

Biden (or whoever is calling the shots now for him) has made this country a laughingstock. They’ve robbed our wealth; they’ve done their best to let every illegal alien (maybe up to 2 million) invade this land; and now the Democrats are at it again!

I guess this plan proves it – the Democrats just can’t figure out how to win without cheating.

Our best hope – America’s only hope – is for right-minded people to vote in at least a “partially” rigged election. If that works, then this will undoubtedly be the last election that is rigged.

You were warned, America! I’m not kidding. Get the word out now!

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