Biden plays role in report on Ukraine war propaganda

Joe Biden has appeared prominently in an international organization’s new report on the “propaganda” being used in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He’s been dinged for trying to blame his own domestic inflation problem – it’s worse now for American consumers than it has been for more than 40 years – on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who made the decisions to send his army into Ukraine and kill innocent civilians.

The report comes from the Middle East Media Research Institute, which, under the title “The Latest Propaganda War,” talks about how the Ukrainians have been aided in their “messaging,” which encompasses legacy media, social media and more, “by a powerful and indisputable reality, that they were attacked and are defending themselves.”

“The Ukrainians have been very effective in doing the hard work of propaganda, churning out content, capturing the news cycle, carrying out ‘strategic communications, psychological operations,'” the report explained. “In a war, the best content is victory, but if that is not always available, anything will do: compelling anecdotal stories, the other side’s abuses and war crimes, dramatic statements, content that inspires, content that demonizes. All of it has a role to play.”

The analysis found that the Russians, meanwhile, “have not” done well in their messaging.

“Leaving aside the fact of Russia being the guilty party in the conflict, the Russians have failed in the basic work of matching the scope and tempo of Ukrainian propaganda, and have not mastered manipulating the Western news cycle (ironic given past hysteria of Russia’s supposed media manipulation of the West). One pro-Russian social media account blamed Russian officials’ ‘boomer’ mentality, compared to the hip young Ukrainians, for this failure.”

But it noted a third player in the propaganda fracas: “A Biden administration that is deeply unpopular and fighting for its domestic political life has tried to shift blame for the American inflation building over the past year onto Putin,” the report said.

“The ridiculous recent talking point of blaming shocking inflation rises on the ‘Putin Price Hike’ seems particularly ludicrous, when you consider the administration saying last summer that the inflation was ‘temporary.’ Liberal pundits in late 2021 even wrote that inflation was ‘good,’ particularly because it prevented Americans from buying things they didn’t need. So, in less than a year, inflation was temporary, then good, and now Putin’s fault,” MEMRI reported.

“The beauty of blaming Putin, after a 2021 filled with massive U.S. domestic spending bills, is that it puts the onus on a foreign dictator rather than on your own recent policies. Accepting ruinous prices becomes patriotic. The hope is that the American taxpayers’ hatred for the Russian ogre will be greater than their memory of political events inside the U.S. over the past year. This is perhaps a risky bet on the part of the administration,” the report said.

Actually, WND has reported a poll by the Democratic Party-leaning MSNBC found the Biden administration’s narrative that Vladimir Putin is to blame for the biggest surge in inflation in 41 years isn’t working.

The news network asked, “Who or what do you blame for inflation?”

Only 6% blamed “Russia invasion of Ukraine” while the biggest plurality, 38%, blamed “President Biden and his policies.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic” received 28% of the vote while “Corporations increasing prices” got 23%.

See the MSNBC report:

Earlier, Politico headlined a story on an ABC News poll “Most Americans blame Putin and oil companies for higher gas prices, poll indicates.”

However, that poll didn’t ask respondents who was most to blame. Instead, it asked for a response, among a range of choices, to a number of different influences on the surge in the price of gasoline, which, in turn, has had a direct impact on the price of most commodities and products.

The question in the ABC News/Ipsos poll was “How much, if at all, do you blame each of the following for the recent price increases in gasoline?”

The categories were Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Democratic Party policies, Republican Party policies and oil companies. For each category, respondents were asked to select from “A great deal,” “A good amount,” “Not much” or “Not at all.”

Combining the answers “A great deal” and “A good amount,” a majority, 51%, said Joe Biden deserves blame, and 52% said Democratic Party policies. A total of 68% cast blamed on oil companies. But only 33% said Republican policies should be blamed and 24% Donald Trump.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the producer price index, which measures prices paid by wholesalers, rose 1.4% in March and 11.2% from a year ago, both records, and that report came after the BLS said the consumer price index for March surged 8.5% over the past year.

Biden repeatedly has blamed inflation, especially fuel price surges, on Putin, even though most of that surge already had occurred before Russia invaded Ukraine,.

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