Biden promised 1 year ago today shots would prevent COVID

President Biden at the White House on Thursday after the announcement that he had tested positive for COVID-19. (White House photo via Twitter)
President Biden at the White House on Thursday after the announcement that he had tested positive for COVID-19. (White House photo via Twitter)

It was one year ago today when President Biden promised Americans that if they got vaccinated they would not contract COVID-19.

On Thursday, after four COVID-19 shots, the White House announced that the president had tested positive for the disease and was experiencing mild symptoms while isolating from his staff.

Nevertheless, Biden said Wednesday in response to a reporter’s question that his plan to address a rise in COVID-19 cases was that Americans should be “getting vaccinated.”

The administration finally, reluctantly, has acknowledged the shots don’t stop infection or transmission but continues to insist they prevent severe illness, hospitalization and death.

Biden’s top coronavirus adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci – who tested positive for COVID-19 last month after being quadruple vaccinated – acknowledged in a recent interview that the COVID vaccines “don’t protect overly well” from infection. But he maintained they still have virtue.

“One of the things that’s clear from the data [is] that even though vaccines – because of the high degree of transmissibility of this virus – don’t protect overly well, as it were, against infection, they protect quite well against severe disease leading to hospitalization and death,” Fauci said.

However, an analysis of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine trials found the mRNA shots are more likely to land a recipient in the hospital than to provide protection from a severe adverse event. The findings were similar to those of a recent pre-print analysis that found “no evidence of a reduction in overall mortality in the mRNA vaccine trials.” And a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that two doses of the mRNA vaccines increased the risk of COVID-19 infection during the omicron wave.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the technology platform behind the mRNA vaccines and a leading critic of the COVID-19 shots, summarized Thursday on Gettr what current scientific research and real world data indicate.

“The highly inoculated are the ones at most risk for clinical COVID, hospitalization and death with these escape mutant variants, and they are the ones breeding the next round of escape mutants,” he wrote.

Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, said in EpochTV interview published Wednesday that the antibodies triggered by COVID-19 vaccines are interfering with people’s immune systems as newer virus variants emerge.

The White House said Biden is being treated with the antiviral drug Paxlovid, which is produced by Pfizer. Fauci said he experienced a rebound of COVID symptoms after he was treated with the drug. In fact, Pfizer’s own trial data showed the drug may not be effective for people who have received a COVID vaccine.

The Pfizer Paxlovid trial was stopped, pointed out Malone, due to a lack of efficacy in standard risk patients. Lab studies, he further noted, show coronavirus has been able to evade the drug in multiple ways.

Last fall, Risch was among scientists and physicians who said in Senate testimony that thousands of lives could have been saved if treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine had not been suppressed.

See Biden promising the vaccines will prevent infection:

Biden, in an effort to justify his vaccine mandates and press more people to get the shots, warned last December of “a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated.” And he scolded the COVID vaccine skeptics by repeatedly declaring the nation is experiencing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, a prominent cardiologist, epidemiologist and critic of the COVID vaccines, wondered Thursday how Biden will walk back that statement.

Spencer Brown, managing editor of, spotlighted President Biden’s tweet Thursday assuring American’s he’s “doing great” and “keeping busy.”

“I’m old enough to remember when official photos of Trump working at Walter Reed when he had COVID were called ‘propaganda’ by the mainstream media,” Brown wrote.

In his interview July 12 with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Fauci said that “even though [vaccination] didn’t protect me against infection, I feel confident that it made a major role in protecting me from progressing to severe disease.”

“And that’s very likely why I had a relatively mild course. So my message to people who seem confused because people who are vaccinated get infected – the answer is if you weren’t vaccinated, the likelihood [is] you would have had [a] more severe course than you did have when you were vaccinated.”

However the consensus among physicians and scientists has been that, regardless of vaccination status, the current BA.4 and BA.5 omicron subvariants, while very contagious, present with mild symptoms in most people.

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‘I will shut down the virus’
On the Powerline blog, John Hinderaker recalled that during a campaign debate, Biden blamed then-President Trump for every American COVID death, saying that anyone “who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

At the time, the U.S. had recorded 220,000 COVID deaths.

Biden also campaigned on promises to stop the pandemic, Hinderaker noted, saying “I will shut down the virus” and “I will beat this virus.”

“Since Biden became president, more than 750,000 Americans have died from (or with) covid, per the CDC,” he wrote. “If you take Biden’s election rhetoric seriously, he bears responsibility for those 750,000 deaths. And maybe we should take it seriously, because without covid and the ensuing panic, and without Biden’s wild covid claims and promises, he would not have been elected president.”

See Biden state his plan for rising COVID cases:

‘Stop extending the national emergency’
Phil Kerpen, president of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, tweeted: “If a medically frail 80 year-old can work all day with COVID, he should stop extending the national emergency.”

The federal public health emergency was set to expired in mid-July but was extended for another month. The declaration allows for the granting of emergency authorizations of drugs and vaccines and the issuance of special benefits such as health coverage through Medicaid.

In May, more than 17,000 physicians and medical scientists from around the world signed a declaration calling on nations to lift health emergency declarations, restore scientific integrity and address “crimes against humanity.”

Among the signatories is Dr. Malone, who argues that the concerns raised in the declaration go beyond COVID-19, threatening constitutional rights.

The declaration asserts a “corrupt alliance” of pharmaceutical, insurance and health care institutions continues “to advance unscientific claims by censoring data, and intimidating and firing doctors and scientists for simply publishing actual clinical results or treating their patients with proven, life-saving medicine.”

See the White House press briefing Thursday on Biden’s COVID-19 diagnosis:

Fauci: Vaccines ‘virtually 100% efficacious’
At the launch of the vaccines, Fauci, other health officials, pharmaceutical companies and media declared the coronavirus shots to be virtually 100% effective in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 then gradually lowered their estimations to as low as 20% after only six months.

Fauci is seen in a media interview touting the vaccines as “virtually 100% efficacious” and stating in congressional testimony that the “real world effectiveness is even more impressive than the results of the clinical trial.”

Moderna boasted its vaccine was 100% effective in teenagers. Pfizer said its vaccine was 100% effective in preventing COVID infections. In other statements, the shots were declared to provide 100% protection against severe disease, hospitalization and death.

However, by October 2021, a study of real world data showed Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was only 20% effective against infection after six months.

A CNN headline one year earlier, before the vaccines were launched, said “Past vaccine disasters show why rushing coronavirus vaccine now would be ‘colossally stupid.”

See the White House video of Biden released Thursday:

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