Biden proposes redefining law to 'deny free speech' and 'trample parental rights'

Joe Biden, through his Department of Education, has formally proposed redefining the Title IX federal law that protects students from discrimination based on their sex to create a vast new range of protections for transgenders.

And that could result, according to the legal experts at the Alliance Defending Freedom, in the illegal injection of Biden’s political preferences into federal law.

Counsel Christiana Kiefer explained that the rule change to Title IX of the Civil Rights Act would do a lot.

“Fifty years ago, Congress acted to protect equal opportunity for women by passing Title IX. Now, by radically rewriting federal law, the Biden administration is threatening the advancements women have long fought to achieve in education and athletics.

“In addition to denying women a fair and level playing field in sports, this new rule could impose widespread harms, including threatening the health of adults and children, denying free speech on campus, trampling parental rights, violating religious liberty, and endangering unborn human life.”

The Biden changes essentially would change the definition of “sex,” understood as being male or female when the law was adopted 50 years ago, to include “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.”

Technically, that would impose the whole range of LGBT and more agenda points, from welcoming young men into girls showers in schools to making a mess of the pronouns by which students address others.

The change would demand that “every sex-separated space, program, building, bathroom and locker room to accommodate individuals ‘who may feel as though they are women, even though biologically, they are men,'” Sarah Perry, a senior legal fellow for The Heritage Foundation, has told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The result, however, would be a loss for biological women, many experts agree.

Erika Sanzi, of the Parents Defending Education program, told the DCNF, “Title IX has always guaranteed single sex space restrooms, locker rooms, and interscholastic athletics. A shift from biological sex to gender identity means that girls and women will be forced to accept the presence of biological males in what have always been single-sex spaces.”

She said, “It means that female students will be forced to use the same restroom as biologically male classmates and staff members, who identify as girls and women, and will likely be forced to compete in the same athletic events.”

The ADF is representing girls and women in a number of cases involving the LGBT agenda.

One, Chelsea Mitchell, formerly a high school track athlete in Connecticut, said, “As an elite female runner in the state of Connecticut, I knew I had a shot at first place when I lined up on the starting blocks. But that all changed when I was forced to compete against biological male athletes and, as a result, I lost four state championships and two all-New England awards.”

Another athlete, Madison Kenyon of Idaho State, said, “As a cross-country runner for Idaho State University, I’ve been forced to compete repeatedly against a male athlete—and lost each and every race. Losing unfairly to someone who has natural advantages is frustrating and disheartening.”

Critics explain that opening up the Title IX protections to transgenders essentially will eliminate what the nation now knows as girls’ sports in school, and women’s competition after.

In a column at the DCNF, Carrie Sheffield, senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Voice, said, “We know the protections offered by Title IX … protect biological women from biological men who are invoking transgender status and entering our fields of competition. But female bodies are immutably different from male bodies in everything from lung capacity and muscle mass to bone structure, oxygen and blood flow.”

She said the Biden agenda includes having biological males displace “girls and women from scholarships, prizes, and other leadership opportunities.”

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said, “We must protect the legacy of Title IX, which leveled the playing field for female athletes and created life-changing opportunities for countless women based on the need for fairness and a recognition that male and female athletes are biologically different.”

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