Biden stonewalls inquiry into emails to scandal-plagued son

Hunter Biden in “60 Minutes” interview (Video screenshot)

Former First Lady and two-time presidential race loser Hillary Clinton was caught up in scandal under the Barack Obama administration, when she was secretary of state, for using a private email for government secrets.

There even are reports she launched the now-debunked “Russia collusion” claims against President Trump in order to distract the public from her behavior.

Now, another key player in her party – Joe Biden, the president – is in an email scandal.

Just the News reports that the White House now has failed to meet a deadline to give information to two senators on that issue.

The report explains Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley, the ranking Republicans on the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations and the Senate Judiciary Committee respectively, wrote a letter in July to White House Counsel Dana Ann Remus questions about whether Biden used private email while he was vice president for Obama.

And, “whether he is using any today as president and whether government-related emails in the private accounts were preserved as required by the Federal Records Act,” the report said.

The senators were prompted to write the letter by articles in Just the News and the New York Post about emails that appeared to be from Joe Biden to White House staff when he was vice president, as well as to his son, Hunter Biden, about official government business, Just the News reported.

“If these reports are accurate, it is unclear whether then-Vice President Biden forwarded these and related emails to a government account to ensure that they satisfied federal recordkeeping and archival requirements,” the senators explained.

“Further, it is unclear whether now-President Biden has continued the use of non-government email for official business and whether he has continued to provide government information to his family members, including Hunter Biden.”

Hunter Biden has been involved in a multitude of scandals in recent years. Most recent is his plan to sell his paintings for up to $500,000 apiece, which raises concerns about undue influence on the president by those who would pay that amount for the work of a novice, celebrity artist.

The scenario has been openly described as another scheme by “Influence peddler-turned-novice-artist Hunter Biden.”

Hunter Biden previously was under scrutiny during the 2020 presidential election cycle for having a high-paying job with the Ukraine energy company Burisma Holdings. He had no experience in the industry, but he did have a father who was vice president at the time, who was willing to intervene on behalf of Hunter.

Burisma was under investigation for corruption at the time, and Joe Biden openly boasted of threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid if Ukraine’s president did not fire the country’s top prosecutor, Victor Shokin.

A French website reported Shokin later filed a criminal complaint naming Joe Biden and accusing him of committing a “criminal offense” in his campaign to get Shokin fired.

Other scandals provided by Hunter Biden including an abandoned laptop computer that included videos of a nude Hunter Biden complaining to an equally nude woman in a motel room about a laptop with more nude videos of him being stolen by Russians.

And a complaint has been filed over the federal government’s refusal to release the details to the public of Hunter Biden’s handgun scandal, in which his gun was tossed into a trash bin.

Then there also Hunter Biden’s odd financial deal with China after he traveled on Air Force Two to set up it up there. And his travel to Mexico City on Air Force Two for another deal.

Regarding Joe Biden’s emails, Just the News reported earlier in the year emails recovered from a Hunter Biden laptop included messages “signed ‘Dad’ from the email address [email protected] to the younger Biden.”

One included details from the U.S. embassy in Istanbul to the State Department providing an early alert that an American named Martin O’Connor was about to be released from detention in Turkey,” the report said.

Also, the New York Post reported Joe Biden and Obama White House aides appeared to use two other private email pseudonyms — ‘Robert L. Peters’ and ‘JRB ware’ — to pass family and official business to Hunter Biden, Just the News reported.

And, the report said, “One of the emails copying Biden’s son included information that the vice president was having a phone call with Ukrainian President Poroshenko during a time when Hunter Biden had significant business interests in Ukraine.”

The senators said, “As you are undoubtedly aware, Hunter Biden served on the board of the corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, at that time and information relating to any communication between the United States Government and Ukrainian Government could have been of interest to Hunter Biden and his colleagues at Burisma.”

Johnson, whose office confirmed to Just the News the lack of response from Joe Biden, said, “You would think after the Hillary Clinton email scandal, we wouldn’t see another blatant abuse of private emails by administration officials. But President Biden has continued the long tradition of politicians (especially Democrats because the press never holds them accountable) who believe they don’t have to follow the rules.”

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