Biden to tell patients, insurers to start paying for COVID tests, shots


It looks like taxpayers soon will be off the hook for the millions and millions of dollars in COVID-19 expenses that the government has been funding: the tests, the shots, treatments, hospitalizations and more.

But those taxpayers, as patients, soon could be dealing with in-network requirements, copays, insurance deductibles and all of that.

The Washington Examiner reported Joe Biden’s administration has “signaled” plans to stop paying for the COVID procedures.

The report explained the Department of Health and Human Services soon will meet with many of those involved, from pharmacies to drug makers to medical industry professionals.

The goal is to “map out how insurance coverage and reimbursements would cover the costs of COVID-19-related pharmaceuticals, though the commercialization process,” the report said. The Wall Street Journal suggested the planning work could take months.

“My hope is that in 2023, you’re going to see the commercialization of almost all of these products,” explained, Ashish Jha, a COVID-19 “response coordinator” in the White House.

“Some of that is actually going to begin this fall, in the days and weeks ahead. You’re going to see commercialization of some of these things,” Jha said.

Shots and treatments apparently eventually will be offered through a doctor or hospital.

Larry Levitt, of the Kaiser Family Foundation, said in the Journal report that the move to the private sector could very well come with a premium hike for those who are insured.

The government since the China virus was unleashed on the world has been providing, without cost, tests, shots, booster shots and other treatments.

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