Biden working to roll back Trump tracking of teacher sex-crime data

(Image courtesy Pixabay)
(Image courtesy Pixabay)

Joe Biden is trying to roll back progress made by President Trump on teacher sex crimes, too.

Biden, as soon as he was in office, rolled back the progress President Trump made on the southern border security by canceling the wall construction and other programs. And he abandoned Afghanistan. And he’s done the same thing on a number of other important topics, like religious rights.

Now a report at the Free Beacon explains that the Office for Civil Rights in Biden’s Education Department is canceling plans to collect data on teacher-on-student sex crimes.

The report said the OCR is dropping plans to ask districts about those issues.

A spokesman told the Free Beacon that it’s to “reduce … duplication of data,” but a critic charged that it’s no more or less than appeasing teacher unions.

Kimberly Richey, an acting assistant secretary of that office during the Trump era, said, “This is the ultimate act of bowing to the teachers’ unions. Through this proposal, the Biden administration is actively helping schools cover up these incidents, which we were intentionally shining a light on.”

Betsy DeVos, the secretary of education at the time, had added questions to an annual survey about allegations of misbehavior that resulted in the resignation or retirement of the teacher accused, but those, under Biden, will be canceled.

Still included are questions about documented cases of rape or sexual assault.

The Free Beacon explained, “Reporting alleged sex crimes in addition to documented cases provides a fuller picture of sexual violence in schools, as the accused may retire, resign, or seek employment elsewhere before a district can reach a conclusion in the case.”

Sexual assaults in public schools have risen to the headlines in recent weeks – to the detriment of Democrats – because of a case in Virginia where a district covered up a double sexual assault case from parents.

The OCR under President Trump found that sexual assaults and rapes surged in public schools in recent years, including in a 2017-2019 assessment that found nearly 15,000 allegations of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault in schools, totals that included both teacher-on-student and student-on-student crimes.

“American Enterprise Institute research fellow Max Eden tells the Free Beacon that the Education Department’s move is unsurprising, given the Biden administration’s ties to teachers’ unions,” the report said.

“Teachers’ unions have a structural interest in protecting all of their members—including alleged pedophiles,” Eden said. “Data suggesting systemic nonchalance about child sexual abuse in public schools would be quite politically inconvenient for teachers’ unions. Now the data won’t be collected.”

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