Biden's big lie? Committed 8 times in inaugural to 'unity'

Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address on Jan. 20, 2021. (Video screenshot)
Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address on Jan. 20, 2021. (Video screenshot)

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Joe Biden, in his inaugural address, talked about “unity” over and over.

Eight times, according to Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard.

But it must rank among his biggest lies, as a plurality of Americans reveal in a new poll that he has divided the nation, not brought it together.

Pollster Jonathan Zogby earlier confirmed that women, Hispanics and younger voters were abandoning him in droves. And a new poll found the same results.

Only 38.4% said Biden has done more to unite the country. The rest said he has divided American, 48.5%, or they don’t know, 13.2%.

The polling said there are, in fact, areas of the country, such as the South, the West and the Great Lakes, where a plain majority of respondents said Biden has been the Great Divider.

Even among young voters ages 18-24, where Biden previously had done well, 52% said he’s been dividing the nation, and the 18-29 age group, where 55% said he’s a divider.

Other age groups also had majorities that said he’s utterly failed to unite the nation.

He has, after all, created inflation nearing double digits, triggered an explosion in interest rates that is hurting many, caused the price of gasoline to rise to nearly $6 a gallon in places, triggered a crisis at the southern border, ordered a disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, leaving the Taliban running the nation, constantly attacked conservatives families and Christians, even calling them “semi-fascist.”

The polling report said, “More women (37% unite/47% divide) and men (40% unite/50% divide) felt the president had done more to divide the country than unite it. College educated voters (45% unite/44% divide) were split while non-college educated voters (34% unite/52% divide) were more likely to think Biden divided the country.

“Two thirds of Democrats (67% unite/15% divide) thought the president had done more to unite the country than divide it, while four in five Republicans (13% unite/82% divide) thought Biden did more to divide the country. Only a third of Independents (33% unite/48% divide) thought President Biden did more to unite the country while nearly half thought the president was divisive.”

Hispanics aligned with most other groups, with 46% saying Biden’s dividing the country, whites joined with 53% and only African Americans tilted toward uniting.

The poll said, “Over the last six months we have seen in our polling evidence Biden is losing steam with major parts of his base, specifically: younger voters aged 18-29, women (both suburban and urban) and Hispanics. To make things worse his numbers are also down with college educated voters.”

Bedard explained, “It’s the crumbling of his base that Zogby has charted and found in his unity survey.”

He added, “Zogby said that to help his case, Biden will have to step up his agenda to score well in the 2022 election and fend off potential challengers, such as California Gov. Gavin Newsom.”

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