Biden's border chaos & disastrous lack of planning

In 1935, upon the Hoover Dam’s completion in Nevada along the Colorado River, the largest reservoir in the U.S., based on water capacity, was formed, known as Lake Mead. As Lake Mead was being created, what if engineers suddenly wondered how many people in its backwaters would be flooded out?

Obviously, that did not happen. Good prior planning resulted in those impacted by the projected flood zone being relocated.

But this hypothetical is reality for President Joe Biden’s poor prior planning before implementing immigration “reform,” days after taking office. Replacing President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, he boasted America is “safer, stronger, more prosperous when we have a fair, orderly and humane legal immigration system.”

Weeks later, only a fool failed to see the impact of loosening border restrictions. Biden transformed a well-organized, controlled immigration process created under Trump’s tight border policies that drastically decreased illegal alien numbers entering the U.S., into one of mass chaos. He encouraged legions of illegals to head for our borders, creating a superhighway for such traffic.

Detainees now strain resources to house and feed them. Unlike Hoover Dam’s pre-planning, did no one in Biden’s administration think this impact through? Was Biden so eager to reverse Trump’s accomplishments he blindly opened our borders, ignoring detention center capacities? Did no one consider augmenting these centers before opening the immigraton floodgates? Perhaps pressure by far-left Democrats that Biden not deal with local prisons to hold detainees resulted in his just signing an $86 million hotel contract to house illegals.

Immigration is not rocket science. If the man in the Oval Office, with 48 years prior political experience, failed to consider this beforehand, we should worry about his ability to handle more complex issues.

It is inconceivable Biden was caught by surprise. His repeated campaign promises to open our borders told our southern neighbors they would be welcomed. The green light came when Biden won the 2020 presidential election. Adopting the role of concierge, he even arranged free flights to take border crossers to locations of choice if hosts there agreed to take them in.

Any illegals unsure about accepting Biden’s invitation were undoubtedly encouraged upon learning they too could receive payments from the $2 trillion stimulus package. (Newsweek initially stated this was false, later acknowledging otherwise.) Illegals just needed to be able to say “here” when the checks were distributed. Like the 1980s Toyota commercial touting the car’s benefits, ended with the query, “Who could ask for anything more?” illegals could not ask for anything more. Caravans of thousands were soon visible heading toward the U.S., making their subsequent arrival no big surprise for Biden.

The Biden administration’s thinking failed to provide any federal funding for border states. One of them, Texas, had just suffered unprecedented Arctic cold weather, shutting down electrical grids and causing several deaths – a terrible time to add to the chaos by ushering in illegal aliens.

Biden refuses to call the border situation a crisis, aided by a liberal media. However, after Townhall reporter Julio Rosas spent three hours at the border observing what was going on, he reported, “I’m still in shock at how many people illegally crossed during that time. … this is definitely a crisis.”

Perhaps a tacit admission of a crisis is Biden’s recent enlistment of FEMA’s help to deal with the border surge of children – a problem for which Democrats, unbelievably, are now blaming Trump. Meanwhile, Democrats blindly ignore that Iran and other America-haters seek to position terrorist groups here while Biden gives them all EZ Passes.

One child detention center – described now by the liberal media as a “facility similar to jail” rather than “cages” – is at 729% capacity, forcing children to take turns sleeping on the floor, and expects even more – no surprise as unaccompanied children from Central America, discarded by parents or traffickers, rose by 60% during January to more than 9,400. Biden now sends thousands of children to U.S./Canada border processing facilities to help out.

Media visits to child detention centers were halted, allegedly for coronavirus concerns. Although border officials are muzzled, others speak out as things get further out of control. An Arizona sheriff shared how Biden has left a road in place both for drug smuggling and human trafficking. Paralleling the border, it was built by construction crews to ferry men and supplies for wall construction; now, abandoned by Biden’s order, it provides high-speed transit into the U.S. for illegal activity.

As Biden minimizes border control, he ignores “horror vacui” – a principle of Aristotle’s meaning nature abhors a vacuum as something will always fill the void. Unsurprisingly, the border security void Biden created is being filled by the cartels, as Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, recently lamented, adding it is a disaster having both open borders and a welfare state.

Another outcrop of illegal immigrant waves is “debt bondage.” Locator information about immigrants making only partial payments is recorded by cartels that track them down later to pay up or otherwise support their criminal activities in the U.S. Biden’s immigration policies are making a bundle for cartels at a time even the pope urges all to take up the fight against organized crime.

Even Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has criticized Biden, mocking him as a “migrant president” for encouraging illegals and the cartels. Reuters dinged Biden for creating a humanitarian crisis where stability reigned on the border before, under Trump. CNN – always reluctant to be a harbinger of truth – came out during a White House briefing and called the situation a crisis. And, in a most interesting development, while Biden still refuses acknowledging a humanitarian crisis, a member of his administration suggests otherwise.

Biden causes America this turmoil hoping the result is masses of future Democratic voters. His hopes are not just wishful thinking as hundreds of migrants gathered at the border March 2 wearing Biden T-shirts, and a “Biden for President” flag was observed flying over a migrant tent encampment in Mexico.

However, unable to ignore reality, on March 21 he finally announced the border was closed, along with a return to “what existed before.”

As illegals cross over our borders at their leisure, an a href=””>estimated 10% have COVID-19, yet Biden refuses to share exact numbers with bordering state governors. An influx of MS-13 gang members and other criminals, previously deported, are returning to continue their trade. How does this, as Biden claims, make America “safer, stronger and more prosperous”?

In the wake of an outrageous case of poor planning, the Forrest Gump idiom can be heard: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

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