Biden's debacles are <em>purposeful</em> – is there hope?

No one (or group) can be this bad by accident. We’ve heard from early on just how incompetent Lunch Box Joe and his administration are. I’m sure, and polls appear to bear this out, that liberals (not leftists) are regretting their vote for the man.

Many suburban soccer moms, who were turned off by that big meany Trump, are the same parents showing up at school board meetings carrying signs and speaking out against Critical Race Theory, pornography and the masking of their young ones.

The question still to be answered is whether these parents have seen the real purpose of this radical agenda, or if they’ll be placated just enough to go back to sleep.

However, liberal or conservative, it should be becoming obvious to Americans that everything happening in the U.S. is not by accident, mismanagement, a lack of communication or incompetence. It is all purposeful.

The cost of energy, housing, food, virtually all goods and services are markedly higher than pre-Biden. Energy costs are now at a 10-year high. Coincidence? I think not. It’s the Green New Deal.

The border is a sieve, with thousands upon thousands of illegals crossing our southern border weekly. As many know, this is what the left has coined as the Great Replacement. Just replace those finicky American voters you must convince to vote for you with new, more acquiescent bodies that are much more accustom to doing what they’re told.

It’s no accident that the bulk of the left’s new base is being shipped off to red and battleground states.

And rather than kick them out, Geraldo Rivera, on the Fox News program “The Five,” posited an idea of monumental stupidity. Since we don’t have enough truckers to haul freight currently, why don’t we grant “temporary” work visas to the illegals so that they can haul the freight. Brilliant! Then what, Geraldo?

I’ll add that no less than three or four times did he stress the word “temporary.” You know – because if you say it enough, it will come true. Like, “There’s no place home.” I didn’t notice if he was wearing ruby slippers.

Foreign policy has been another series of “mistakes.” Most of our allies want little to do with us anymore, knowing they can no longer count on us to have their backs. We are currently negotiating with the terrorist regime, the Taliban, to provide financial (and other) aid to Afghanistan. This administration insists that any aid will go “directly” to the Afghan people.

Now who in his right mind believes this nonsense? The answer should be no one. But the administration doesn’t care. They know that no one will be able to follow the money anyway.

Meanwhile, Taiwan is preparing for an impending attack from China. Its leaders are pleading with Western allies for help in defending their island nation. Yet Taiwan’s president did neglect to ask one nation – the United States. He knows the Biden administration won’t lift a finger to help. Heck – we’ve already ceded Afghanistan to the Communist Chinese. Why not Taiwan also? Maybe they’ll hit the trifecta and take Japan next.

And of course we have the purposeful division of the nation due to the naked politicization of COVID. Vaxxed vs. unvaxxed – leftist authoritarians vs. the U.S. Constitution – freedom and the Bill of Rights vs. the tyranny of government.

Government mandates and the usurpation of God-given rights have nothing to do with safety and security. It’s all about control. This has become apparent as Attorney General Merrick Garland is attempting to further weaponize the FBI in an effort to nullify the First Amendment right to freely assemble and speak out. Those who speak against school boards may run the risk of be branded domestic terrorists. You can thank the Bush Patriot Act for getting this ball rolling.

But there is still hope. Employees all over the country are walking off the job, rather than take the COVID jab. Many more will endure being fired rather than give up their right to choose. The next time you hear of hospital or other shortages and supply-chain problems, be aware that it is nothing more than free people deciding to remain free.

This may not help us in the short run, but it is heartening that there are still many Davids willing to stand and fight the authoritarian Goliath.

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