Biden's gross incompetence – and the China, Russian, Iranian axis

We saw war break out in Ukraine yesterday.

It’s understandable, while the news is focused on it, that our eyes should be diverted there. But that may be where our enemies want us looking.

Maybe we should be instead focused on what’s coming next.

What are we missing because of America’s gross incompetence?

Joe Biden has been the titular leader of America for just over a year.

In that time, here have been his priorities:

  • Allowing about 2 million people from 160 countries to enter our country unscreened, largely without IDs. Imagine the national security nightmare this poses for us all. Can you even imagine who is included among these millions? Think of what the 9/11 hijackers wreaked upon this nation in a day in 2001. Did Biden and his merry men think about this?
  • Remember Afghanistan? He surrendered unconditionally to the Taliban and ISIS – and left Americans behind, not to mention $80 billion in military equipment. We don’t even know where it went, but the high-tech stuff is being evaluated in China and Russia. Afghanistan today is a much greater threat to the United States than it was in 2001.
  • The Biden team made it a priority to focus its attention on its “domestic enemies” – or the “deplorables,” a term first used by Hillary Clinton to describe Donald Trump supporters. Biden defined them after that as “insurrectionists.” It’s clear he is at war with loyal Americans. He’s building walls and fences now to protect his White House and the Capitol from them for the State of the Union speech in Washington March 1.
  • Biden made it a priority to declare war on police and supported “soft-on-crime” prosecutors to ensure that America would have another disaster on hand.
  • The he went to work on the economy. He took the most productive energy-independent nation in the world and squandered that independence. He broke the supply chain and taxed us all when we could least afford it. Prices on food, gas and durable good – everything – skyrocketed with no plan for relief in sight.
  • Biden began to take active measures to ensure the U.S. closed down pipelines, oil drilling and pursued a “climate change” national policy. But he gave Germany the green light to sign a deal with Russia for the Nord Stream 2 oil pipeline.Vladimir Putin saw all this and decided it was just the right moment to fulfill his dream of putting the Soviet Union back together.

    It was a comedy of errors unimaginable in American history.

Again, Biden did all of this in just over a year! It was a record of incompetence, criminal liability and inadequacy – bumbling, stumbling, floundering chaos.

So what is Biden still missing? What’s his next misstep? What’s his next incomprehensible move?

He’s seemingly doesn’t see the fact that there is an alliance between Russia, China and Iran that could quickly develop into WORLD WAR III.

Don’t doubt for a minute that Putin invaded Ukraine without the approval of China’s leader, Xi Jinping. He may choose to take on Taiwan in the next three years while Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, are still in power. What about Iran? Iran understands that the Russian operation gives it a blank check to continue attacking countries in the region – possible even Israel.

Iran, Russia and China held joint naval drills just last month. Who knows what they have been planning?

The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China make up a strategic coalition – and one feared by the West and Bible prophecy watchers alike. It’s called the Ezekiel 38 Coalition. For years the rabbis in Israel and Christians throughout the world have speculated on this. Do you dismiss it out of hand? I don’t.

And now Joe Biden has made it all-too-possible to become a reality – or at least a prequel – for a world-ending nightmare scenario.

What else should we expect from hapless Joe Biden?

Anything less?

We have just less than three years left before he leaves office. Three years – it’s an ominous amount of time.

Can we sustain the world as we know it in the meantime?

We are on the brink of the most dangerous period the world has possibly ever known – thanks to Joe Biden.

It’s time to pray and repent!

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s hard to believe, but from day one the Biden-Harris administration has literally engineered a full-scale foreign invasion of the USA. Yet the devastating consequences and long-term repercussions of this ongoing national invasion remain virtually unreported by the establishment media. As unthinkable as their invade-America policy is, the reason Team Biden implements it is every bit as depraved: It’s all so the Democratic Party – currently led almost entirely by deranged, lying, power-obsessed autocrats – can remain in power in America forever. The reality of all this and much more is devastatingly documented and explored in the February 2022 issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine (available in print and digital editions), titled “BIDEN’S BORDER BETRAYAL: Secret night flights, rampant criminality and 100,000 dead Americans.”

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