Biden's largesse to illegals … at <em>our</em> expense

I doubt there’s anyone who thought Joe Biden wasn’t happy that he and his pals succeeded in taking the election and putting him in the White House. He isn’t just happy; he’s delirious.

It was what he wanted, and he got it!

The next question is: What will he do with it?

It didn’t take long for Americans to see that old Joe looks at the presidency as a bucket of goodies he can take and use to his fondest desire, and never mind congressional approval.

His fondest desire appears to be to undo just about everything Donald Trump accomplished in his four years as president. Think of it. As I write this, with four days left in January, Joe Biden has issued 40 executive orders or actions that negate Trump actions – and he isn’t finished yet!

He’s done everything from canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, to forbidding drilling in the Arctic Refuge, to ordering an end to oil and gas drilling on all public lands. He stopped the construction of the border wall with Mexico, ordered that we get back into the environmental Paris Accord and align ourselves again with the World Health Organization, and made changes in wage issues and racial equity – and so much more.

One area in which he’s made enormous changes and caused great consternation and problems for law enforcement deals with immigration. Not “just” immigration but the issue of illegal aliens.

You should know that our laws refer to “illegal aliens,” but Joe Biden doesn’t like that phrase, so he has decreed that we must call these lawbreakers “non-citizens.” We are told that there are 11 million of these lawbreaking “non-citizens” in this country now, and Joe has a plan to give them an easy pathway to citizenship and all the goodies that will bring them, all at taxpayer expense.

I don’t know about you, but as taxpayer and a citizen, I object to that. People who are here illegally should not have ANY of the benefits that are due legal citizens.

The news of Biden’s election spread quickly south of the border. It stimulated a caravan of thousands of people from Central America heading our way, aiming to reach and cross the border and take advantage of Joe’s largesse.

Reports from the Border Patrol show that in the first quarter of 2020, nearly 208,000 illegals were apprehended at our southern border. That’s reported to be the largest number during any first quarter in 20 years.

Biden also canceled the Trump program that has asylum seekers stay in Mexico as they await their legal hearings. Before that, we had what is called the “catch and release” program. We catch them and release them in this country – they can go anywhere – until they get a hearing. The problem is too many of these people never showed up for those hearings and just got lost in our population.

Trump put an end to that; Biden returned us to it. His executive order unilaterally suspended removals of most illegal aliens for 100 days, giving them the “freedom” to go anywhere they want in the country.

But then, U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, in Texas, issued an order blocking the suspension for 14 days, raising the issue that the presidential order was made without congressional action.

Knowing Biden, that’s just the beginning of the battle.

Earlier last week, it was announced that ALL illegal aliens had to be released. This came as a surprise to anyone dealing with the border issues, and there was no explanation to who and how and why. Then, just as suddenly, it was announced that the order only applies to anyone suspected of having been exposed to COVID. Even at that, there was no explanation for the order.

It is just another of those myriad Biden orders signs as he luxuriates in the power of the presidency without any clarification as to the effect on American citizens and our country.

Throughout all of this, Biden keeps flaunting his religion as though it makes him more acceptable to voters. He is nominally Catholic, but to look at his actions and the issues he supports, many questions are raised. To their shame, the Catholic hierarchy, including the pope, have refused to question or accuse him of hypocrisy.

One major issue is that of abortion – a major sin for Catholics but something Biden approves. What many might not realize is that in recent years the United States has not contributed money for abortions in foreign countries. But “good Catholic” that he is, Joe has changed that, and starting now, American tax dollars will be used for abortions round the world. It’s what he wanted, and he just did it.

Joseph Biden is not ruling as a “duly elected president” but as a dictator who can do what he pleases, when he pleases, and he expects the people to just follow blindly.

I suspect he’s in for a big surprise.

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