Biden's Philly debacle: The 1 statement I agree with

When it comes to fumblin,’ stumblin’ and bumblin’, Joe Biden is in a class of his own. When it comes to being a pernicious liar teetering on the brink of complete mental collapse, the demons from hell would not defend him as being mentally and emotionally stable. He’s not!

This shows just how dishonest and manipulative the mainstream media try to be. Biden cannot put his pants on without pictures on sticky notes to guide him. But, enough of my pointing out the obvious; let me discuss his Philadelphia debacle. It couldn’t have been more crude and disgusting if Hillary Clinton, Stacy Abrams and the Obama woman dressed in two-piece string bikinis and lip-syncing the Dixie Chicks had replaced the Marine Corps Band.

However, I did agree with Biden 100% when he opined: “Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal.”

It’s not normal in America to force men and women to have deadly toxins injected into them to maintain their employment or careers. That’s blackmail and extortion promoted and codified by the federal government.

It isn’t normal in America to have free speech threatened for telling the truth. Since when in America has it been an act of terrorism to speak out against betrayal of We the People and the American way of life? The 2020 election was stolen, and even if Biden is too brain-damaged to understand he didn’t win legitimately, his neo-Leninist handlers know that’s the truth.

The Democrats act as if the Kennedys didn’t orchestrate the theft of the Kennedy vs. Nixon 1960 election.

I’ve been around and involved in a lot of elections; I’ve never witnessed an election in America where a sitting president or presidential candidate who was as close to a guaranteed winner as could be, had millions of votes taken away in the literal middle of the night. This was third-world banana republic fraud.

The country is going in the wrong direction when parents have the FBI turned on them for daring to challenge local school boards over false teaching and revisionist history. I remember when parents and entire communities were encouraged to address school boards. It was called being responsible.

Grotesque, America-hating, simian-like creatures such as Nikole Hannah-Jones haven’t the right to rewrite America’s history to fit the false narrative her kind uses to vilify our country.

The country isn’t going in the right direction when men and women exercising their constitutional right to assemble and protest are arrested and imprisoned, in many instances having been deprived of their right to due process.

Marxian politicians are using the Jan. 6 Washington rally to destroy people’s lives, all the while completely ignoring the rioters who murdered and looted during the summer of 2020. Why are those responsible for burning entire neighborhoods in major cities not hunted down the same way?

Jim Crow supposedly ended several long decades ago, but the Democratic Party, the same domestic Marxist terrorist political group that weaponized the Ku Klux Klan, is now using the FBI and other domestic law enforcement as weapons to deprive and deny the will of We the People.

Again, I agree with Biden when he says what’s taking place today is not normal. It’s not normal in America to deprive parents their God-given rights under Natural Law to protect their children from the most reprobate sexual deviants in American history. When did it become the right of the government to dictate what rights parents have when it comes to protecting their children from being brainwashed into believing the impossible, i.e., they’re not the sex they were born and need surgery to correct God’s mistake? When did it become the right of government to codify laws making it illegal to have our child see a psychiatrist for help to liberate him or her from such a damning practice?

Calling the murder of babies “women’s health care” is a pagan and backward as it gets.

The country is going in the wrong direction, when a can of Progresso Soup cost $4.89, when less than two years ago the same product was two dollars. The country is going in the wrong direction when the first thing Biden does after stealing the election is curtail drilling and oil/gas production including pipelines nationwide. Within 18 months, Biden had the price of regular gasoline at over $8 per gallon in some locations. Now, with the price at $4.09 as of Thursday midday, he boasts that his polices are working. Exactly what policies would that be? The policies where a brain-dead failure of a human being usurps office, shuts down everything that’s working and that has the country at its best in many years, sentencing the people to be wards of the government.

As long as I’m on the subject, I remind Biden of George Soros funding the most depraved commie-anarchists in America today for public office. I will take President Trump and those who are loyal to him every day over the Fabian democratic-socialist pagans trying to usurp America today.

Political cronyism is a betrayal of We the People; it’s especially harmful when it’s this president’s son, a depraved drug-addict, sex-crazed pervert and deviant, who is believed to be playing a key role in foreign policy corruption for massive personal gain along with Nancy Pelosi’s son, John Kerry’s son and Mitt Romney’s son.

How can I not agree that this isn’t normal for We the People? Sadly, it’s very normal for Biden et al.

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