Biden's presser was a cognitive test, and he utterly failed

Joe Biden did nothing wrong in his first year as president.

That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it.

It’s just a perception, he suggested.

He was supposed to inspire confidence. He failed miserably, epically, horribly, worse than even his staunchest supporters could imagine.

The worst part was in insisting he’s done more good in his first year than any president in the history of the republic.

Biden’s biggest mistakes came in, perhaps, the most dangerous, explosive, volatile subject – Vladimir Putin’s imminent threat to invade Ukraine.

At one point during his presser this week, Biden admitted that Putin “has no choice” but to invade.

Then he suggested he’d do it if he can get away with it.

Then said he would try get the West to bribe him by promising him most of what he actually wants without any fighting.

But he also suggested Putin would win in the short term, but at a high price.

“The cost of going into Ukraine in terms of physical loss of life for the Russians – they’ll be able to prevail over time, but it’s going to be heavy.”

Then he pivoted again – suggesting Russia might choose to get away with “a minor incursion.”

Now the punchline from the president: “My guess is he will move in. He has to do something.”

Biden doesn’t have any regard for the fact that he’s dealing with people much smarter than he is – leaders with actual plans.

So, what would he do different to assure the American public that he’s actually fit and has a plan for the future?

He would seek advice from “academia, editorial writers and think tanks.” And he would like to get out of Washington more and stop hiding in Delaware.

“I have not been out in the community nearly enough. … I don’t get the chance to look people in the eye … let them take a measure of my sincerity,” he said. “I didn’t over-promise, but I did outperform what anyone thought would happen. … You have to acknowledge we made enormous progress. … Can you think of any other president that has done as much in one year?”

That is not even worthy of an answer. He has been an unmitigated disaster – pick a name!

He said it’s the Federal Reserve’s job to fix the inflation problem and to that end he has appointed five “historically diverse” men and women to serve on the board of governors. That’s his formula. It’s obviously not working. Try picking the most qualified. Are the store shelves any less empty?

Biden said he has brought down gas prices! No, he hasn’t. America, thanks to his predecessor, was energy independent when he took office. He cut off pipelines and restricted drilling. The results? A gallon of gas the day he took office last Jan. 20 was $2.38. Today it is $3.31 – give or take.

And what about his vice president – whose polls are worse than, if that were possible, Biden’s.

“She’s going to be my running mate, number one. … I did put her in charge and she’s doing a good job.” Yes, she’s the best vice president who ever lived.

What can you take from that answer? He has no intention of running again. He probably won’t serve out his first term. He’ll retire to his padded cell where he belongs.

The toughest question of the night came too late.

It was a question posed by James Rosen of Newsmax. It was about a Politico poll that found a majority of voters don’t think Biden is “mentally fit.” He proved that point in this press conference.

What did Biden say?

He broke into a wide grin and said, “You all make the judgment that they’re correct.”

Rosen continued: “If you’d let me finish … why do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate have come to harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness?”

“I have no idea,” was Biden’s response.

It was the only truthful thing Biden said the entire night.

One thing that never came up was the border and what Biden is doing to stop the invasion of the U.S. that has incurred under his watch – somewhere between 1 million to 2 million unchecked, unverified people from over 100 nations.

Apparently, Biden and the controlled press are even less concerned about the invasion of their own country than they are about the invasion and occupation of Ukraine.

Heaven help us!

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