Biden's support from religious communities plunging

Joe Biden’s support among religious groups, whose support of President Trump largely is considered to have been influential in his victory in 2016, already wasn’t that high.

And now it’s plunging, according to Pew Research, which released a poll that noted the falling support among religious groups.

The results, accompanied by virtually uniform graphs that resemble ski slopes, showed while last March, 44% of Protestants approved of Biden’s job as president, now it’s down to 32%. While back then 22% of white evangelicals and 40% of white non-evangelical Protestants approved of his job performance, now that’s down to 14% and 31%.

According to Courthouse News, “Black Protestants’ approval of Biden dwindled significantly in the last year, a loss of support among a group that was instrumental in securing his nomination during the 2020 Democratic primary. Last year, 92% of black Protestants approved of the president, a higher rating than any other group. Now, just 65% approve of the job Biden is doing so far.

“Among Catholics, Biden’s approval rating is higher than among Protestants but has also waned similarly. Forty-six percent of white Catholics approved of the president’s job last year, but as of January only 35% still agree. Much like black Protestants, a large majority of Hispanic Catholics (74%) approved of Biden’s work last year. However, over the past year, that support has narrowed to 64%.”

The poll revealed that virtually no category of faith has more than 35% of respondents who think he even will be “successful” as president.

That figure is the number of respondents among black Protestants who think he’ll be successful, but critically 49% of that group said it was too early to tell. Also, among atheists, 32% believe he’ll be successful, but 30% say he won’t, and 38% say it’s too early to say.

Overall, all U.S. adults, defined by categories such as Protestant, white evangelicals, black Protestants, Catholics and unaffiliated by atheist and agnostic, only 20% of adults because he will be a successful president. Forty-three percent have judged him as unsuccessful, and a little over a third say they’re waiting to see.

“While his rating continues to be low among white Christians, especially white evangelical Protestants, there have been sizable declines in positive ratings from black Protestants and the religiously unaffiliated – two groups that are among the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituencies,” the poll said.

It continued, “Just 7% of white evangelical Protestants believe he will be a successful president while an overwhelming majority (78%) say he will be unsuccessful. Few white non-evangelical Protestants (13%) and white Catholics (17%) predict Biden will be a successful president, while roughly half in each group say he will be unsuccessful.”

Courthouse News noted, “The poll shows the president’s approval fading among key groups. While white evangelical Protestants are more politically aligned with Republicans, black Protestants, Hispanic Catholics and nones have historically been more supportive of Democratic candidates.”

More than 5,000 U.S. adults participated in the survey last month. It included respondents who identified as Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and others, but there were not enough to be included in the reported data.

Under Biden’s presidency, the rights of churches to meet have been attacked, abortion has been widely promoted by the administration, and conscience protections in the law have in some cases, been abandoned by the Biden administration.

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