Big-name Christians warn of Biden's effort to transform Supreme Court

President Joe Biden talks to members of the press in the State Dining Room of the White House Tuesday, March 2, 2021, after delivering remarks during a COVID-19 announcement. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

A Who’s Who list of Christian leaders has joined an effort to warn Americans about the “kabuki” commission set up by President Biden to “review” the Supreme Court and ultimately, make it a “political tool” that is used to “crush the freedom of all Americans.”

The names include Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse, James Dobson of FamilyTalk Radio, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Brent Bozell of Media Research Center, David Barton and Tim Barton of WallBuilders and First Liberty Institute CEO Kelly Shackelford and more.

They have joined an effort that also includes Americans For Prosperity and, already, tens of thousands of Americans to join in a message to the Biden administration’s Presidential Commission on Supreme Court of the United States.

Those appointees – almost exclusively left-leaning and Democrats – were designated by Jeremy Dys, special counsel for First Liberty, as “the Kabuki Commission” for the Japanese theater form often interpreted as “bizarre.”

Dys explained the commission recently held a public meeting, and within 180 days is supposed to “present its findings and recommendations as to how (not ‘whether,’ apparently) to bring about ‘court reform’ — radically changing one of the three branches of our government.”

The commission is the result of progressive and Marxist activists who were enraged that President Trump appointed three justices to the bench during his term his office.

That result, in theory, has shifted the focus of the court to a more conservative approach to interpreting American law, but very few decisions are announced along strict 6-3 ideology.

Leftists are especially alarmed by the fact that the court agreed to review abortion in a new case involving a law out of Mississippi, which is seen as an opportunity to pull back from the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that created a right to abortion out of the “emanations” and the “penumbra” of the Constitution.

If that happens, abortion rules would be set then by the individual states.

But Democrats have, in recent months, threatened even individual Supreme Court justices if their decisions do not toe the Democrat Party agenda.

The result is a widespread expectation that the commission picked by Biden will recommend changes that include adding “liberal” judges to the court to “balance” conservatives there, imposing term limits, or other options.

The message being assembled, which Americans are being asked to sign, is available at and will be online until September 15.

Organizers are trying to collected a million names.

“Court-packing is an attempted coup by radical elites to overthrow our judicial system,” said Shackelford. “An independent judiciary is the last safeguard of our civil liberties. The last thing our country needs right now is a coup on the Supreme Court.”

The letter explains, “Partisan ‘court reform’ proposals threaten the civil liberties of all Americans, and the political manipulation of our judiciary threatens the integrity of our constitutional democracy. An overwhelming majority of Americans reject proposals to ‘reform’ the Supreme Court of the United States by adding to the number of justices and by limiting judicial review.

“If politically motivated schemes to reform the Supreme Court are successful, the judiciary will no longer be a safeguard of our civil liberties. Instead, it will be little more than a political tool of the executive and legislative branches used to crush the freedom of all Americans,” it says.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal said 68% of American voters oppose the court-packing plan that Democrats support, and the Washington Examiner said 69% of voters rejected any proposed court manipulation measure requiring a constitutional amendment.

The statement from First Liberty explains, “We aim to send a strong message to the commission from 1 million dedicated patriots across America to REJECT the overthrow of our nation’s courts.”

Dys reviewed the commission’s first meeting.

“Despite the fact that the commission’s meeting was little more than an exercise in kabuki theater, it is worth going through its agenda step by step. Close examination can shed light on this farcical attempt to remake America’s constitutional system.

“Dressed in business suits and draped in the seriousness of their ivory-tower credentials, the commissioners barely contained their disdain for the independence of our judiciary. Sure, their scripts had all the right buzzwords. On cue, the selected commissioners expanded on ‘five areas of research’ they will be ‘debating’ before they ‘welcome public comment’ on the ‘broad diversity of work’ set before them.

“Rather than let history speak for itself, the commission intends to redraft the narrative, setting the debate in a ‘historic context’ they will define,” he explained.

And he noted the commission has provided no option for the public to ask questions. Only “up to 24” secret witnesses hand-selected by the 36 commissioners will be allowed a voice.

“President Biden’s commission wants to be taken seriously. The only thing serious about it, though, is the threat it poses to your freedom,” Dys said.

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