Big Tech and its role in thrown elections

Did you know that Google and Facebook have the power to throw elections?

Robert Epstein, a Harvard Ph.D. in psychology, has long studied Big Tech and its ability to swing massive numbers of votes.

In conjunction with the apolitical, nonpartisan American Institute of Behavioral Research and Technology, Epstein has watched carefully Big Tech’s involvement with U.S. elections since 2016.

You may recall what happened in the election for 2016. That was the year Donald Trump upset Hillary Clinton. Trump didn’t have tens of millions of Twitter followers then. He didn’t get any help from Big Tech that year. But Hillary did. At least 6 million votes – a combination of illegal ballots and manipulated data. But it still wasn’t enough for Hillary.

Then came the next election – in 2018. Epstein estimated that Google and Facebook were in a position to turn about 12 million votes due to their overwhelming pro-Democrat bias demonstrated in their virtual monopoly dominance of search and social media platforms. That was the year Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the House.

But 2016 and 2018 were probably rigged elections, according to Epstein’s projections.

In his team’s study, they found Google can shift opinions of undecided voters by up to 43.4% by way of the search results it offers them.

The researchers conclude that by using this method of manipulation, search engines can shift a “50/50 split among people who are undecided on an issue to a 90/10 split without people’s awareness and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to follow.”

If that’s not bad enough, Google is making a fortune doing this kind of work. The Epstein team’s research also notes discrepancies with Google’s current search suggestions, particularly with regard to its commercial interests. For example, entering “G” into the search bar in Google will instantly provide users with suggestions to click on search terms about other Google products – Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive and others. They also found a recurring pattern of major brands being favored in Google search suggestions if they were financially linked to Google. The top search suggestions for “a” is Amazon – Google’s top client on Google Adwords, the company’s digital advertising service. The top search suggestion for “t” is Target – Google’s third-biggest advertising client.

According to the research summary, “The same pattern occurs for other major advertisers on Google, among them Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Zillow.”

Given that Google has amassed more than 90% of all search traffic, you can imagine the billions of dollars it gets as a result, which also translates into massive political donations – almost entirely to Democrats.

Look – elections have consequences. Even dirty, scammy, crooked elections have consequences! And most Americans understand that’s what we had in 2020. Joe Biden stole it – or someone smart enough to steal it for him did. There are estimates as to how many phony votes it took to turn it from Trump. It must have been a very large number; Trump was wildly popular.

But you’re seeing how hard this is to prove.

If you suspect foul play in an election, you’re portrayed either as a sore loser, unpatriotic or an insurrectionist.

But If Republicans lose the next vote, we lose what may well be our last chance to protect the integrity of all our elections in the future. In fact, we’d likely lose everything – including our most basic rights to free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, institutions both Google and Facebook already threaten.

I know there are many potential existential threats facing America right now – China, radical Islam, rampant immorality and lawlessness, even electro-magnetic pulse attacks. But, for my money, the gravest and most imminent threat we face is the Media-Technology Complex. It’s nothing to laugh about.

Once America loses free elections, free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, all is lost – our very foundations of liberty. Believe me, we’re close. And they could all be lost if we don’t establish election integrity – RIGHT NOW!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not giving up. And I don’t believe God will forsake us if we beseech Him to intervene miraculously and powerfully on our behalf.

Pray with me earnestly – like you have never prayed before. We are facing powerful opposition unparalleled in my lifetime.

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