Bill Gates' latest venture imperils America: Will we submit, again?

By Tabitha Rosen

Visualize this. Imagine a blanket spread flat on the floor. Now imagine punching a hole at each corner, securing these holes with metal rings and then running a rope through each. What is it that this blanket could become? A bag.

I’ve always said that the most successful entrepreneurial ventures follow this same recipe. They effectively get a hold of each corner of their very unique blankets, then swiftly tie them together to create a bag in which to scoop up their customers.

No doubt, Bill Gates knows this well. His power and wealth are a credit to his ability to produce many types of bags, enjoying plenty of accolades and applause to accompany them. You might say that “philanthropy” and “humanitarianism” are his brands.

But let’s look at the current bag that ol’ Bill is busily working on today, shall we?

At one corner is COVID-19 (or more appropriately called “the Wuhan Virus”), where Gates’ experimental Moderna vaccine is one of the most dominant vaccines available and being pushed hard.

At another corner is Gates’ widely publicized efforts to lead the charge, in cooperation with big pharma, in the creation of the digital passport.

Then there is the third corner, whereby Gates is now the largest farmland owner in the United States.

And finally, the fourth corner: Gates teaming with the United Nations to build the model that has our schools adopting a collectiveness mindset – remiss of God and flush with servitude.

Seems like he has strategically positioned himself at every corner of the bag – health, welfare, food and education – and is masterfully stringing the rope through each hole. And his brands are making it easy to do and hard for the average person to see. That is, until they look deeper or are tossed inside, wondering what happened. By then, it is too late.

In my opinion, Bill Gates’ true brands are “CCP” (Chinese Communist Party) and “Great Reset.” He is no more a humanitarian or philanthropist than the organizations and individuals behind these two groups and philosophies. He, like them, are hijacking our health, our freedom, our food and our future.

To think otherwise would make you naive and an accessory to the collapse of our great nation.

The amount of wealth and power Gates continues to amass at the hands of the people’s suffering is right out of Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book,” also known as the playbook for communistic rule. Every man, woman and child living in the United States should be required to read it and see for themselves. And while doing so, they should also take a gander at this video, which spells out exactly what is happening to the way of life we have cherished for so long as well as how we got there. This just didn’t happen overnight, folks, nor did it happen without our consent.

We helped it along by choosing gold over God, ease over effort, and selfishness over selflessness. Trading right priorities for wrong resulted in our total agreement with the Bill Gateses of the world. Mistakenly relying on their insights, we handed over the keys to everything precious and life-sustaining, and in that, we advanced their agendas – again, classic “Little Red Book.” We didn’t look keenly enough at their intentions, but rather took them at their words. And now these pied pipers have placed us firmly on the blanket – offering us safety and security in which to wrap ourselves in exchange for the very last thing we have to give … our souls.

The few that fight back? That blanket will become their body bag.

That is why we need the “many” to unify and stand up to the evil that is surrounding us at present. We can “accept” no more of it if, in fact, turning the tide is what we actually want to do. One minute later is simply too late.

We sit on the brink of “no return,” I hate to say, and Bill Gates has craftily helped design the very bag that carries our fate. Will we once again “agree”? Or will no longer “submit” and take back our country.

You know in the end someone will need to end up in that bag.

Tabitha Rosen is a small business owner, political journalist and ghost writer.

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