Black Christian men & straight women are unwanted by leftists

Not long ago three black men walking into high-end jewelry and/or clothing stores wearing masks would have triggered panic and fear. Hence, is it ironic – or is it enigmatic? – that black men walking into such stores today without a mask triggers even a greater sense of fear.

I know some are already saying, yes, but the mask situation is different; to which I reply it most certainly is not, because the irony cannot be ignored.

I ignited a wildfire of misunderstanding when I said: “I’m not going to be a nigger wearing a mask in a white store.” The irony contained in my intentionally boorish retort was unassailable truth. My expressed insult resulted from being a lone black man, maskless, in a store occupied by all white people. A white hothead charged from across the store and violently shoved and threatened me. I could have incited a level of news coverage and outpouring of complaint at the exact time police departments were under siege by Black Lives Matter.

The irony was that the violent man was charged with harassment. My lawyers and federal agents agreed that an unprovoked attack on a black man perpetrated by a white man in the serene environs of an ornately designed store frequented almost exclusively by white people in a rural little village that is practically 100% white, would have been handled much differently if I were the right kind of “Negro.” I viewed the unprovoked attack as a teachable moment – despite my attorneys, federal agent and myself being convinced that the assistant district attorney employed serpentine word games designed to suggest that I somehow shared responsibility for being violated and threatened.

Is it ironic or an enigma that my complaint was received differently because I elected not to respond with the full force and weight at my disposal had I elected to play the skin-color card for gain? Matthew 5:44 (KJV) tells me to behave differently. Ergo, I’ve committed the man who assaulted me over to Christ.

It was not too long ago that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 was inviolate. Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

Title IX has been defended and weaponized since its inception, but it’s now being relegated to the waste heap. Title IX is today being used to promote and institutionalize the fallacious idea that a man having his body butchered makes him a woman. Despite this glaring and undeniable assault upon women’s sports, this falsity is now defended.

Penny Starr, writing for Breitbart News, reported: MMA fighter Fallon Fox twice fractured an opponent’s skull to win matches and now he is being praised by some in the LGBT community. … Outsports, a sports news website that focuses on LGBT issues in sports, named Fox the “bravest athlete in history” in a recent article written by Cyd Zeigler. Fox, who is a biological male fighting physically weaker females and inflicting life-altering harm, apparently qualifies as brave because, according to Zeigler, “she was the target of a torrent of hatred I have literally never seen targeting an LGBTQ athlete.”

Note the ease with which blacks and real women are cast aside after being integral to the leftist agenda.

Neo-Leninists have long used accusations of disrespect and demeaning treatment of blacks by whites as evidence of unparalleled and undeniable racism buried in the very core of America’s soul.

My reason for making my point in the way that I did was to draw attention to the deconstruction of law enforcement. The people who should be listening to me and to those such as myself, are blind to the realization we’re their real supporters, if not their only supporters.

Specific to what I argued regarding the way I was threatened and violated in a sleepy little Turnpike town, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, is now offering implicit bias training to all of its police departments, starting late April. The facilitator, Guillermo Lopez, said the training will:”Will work to help [police] understand that there’s a difference from being unsafe and being uncomfortable, and in many situations being uncomfortable does not necessarily mean you are unsafe.”

My response to the violence and personal threat perpetrated upon me threatened the narrative of those like Lopez. I refused to retreat from my position because I knew “bias training” was coming, and I knew that despite the high-quality officers in the area, it was only going to take one incident like I experienced to indict law enforcement and result in regressive life-threatening dictates in response.

Per the assault on Title IX, it’s clear that the homosexual cartels are waging an all-out war upon true sexuality. They’re well within the attainment of their goal of redefining and renaming sexuality as a whole.

This homosexual attempt to transmogrify the definition of family and true sexuality can be won only by Christian churches standing up and withdrawing ourselves from this behavior. Let them do what they want, but in the time remaining before the return of Christ, we must be the oasis of truth in a world that is defiled by sin.

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