Bongino tells Hannity when mob threatened White House, media made jokes

Dan Bongino

Following Wednesday’s riot at the U.S. Capitol, in which police officers shot and killed one woman and three other people died with medical issues, President Trump and his supporters were widely condemned.

There were calls for long prison terms for anyone caught in the Capitol and demands that Trump be removed from office.

But earlier this year, when Trump was threatened by violence from leftist mobs, media figures made jokes, recalled political commentator Dan Bongino in an interview Wednesday night with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

He recalled the situation last May, during the riots prompted by the death of George Floyd, when Secret Service officials took Trump to a secure location because of the threats from mobs outside the White House.

The president was in the “bunker” for only a short time. But the Associated Press said it happened because law enforcement struggled to contain the violent crowds at Lafayette Park.

Bongino pointed to the “media hypocrisy.”

“We have roundly condemned the violence tonight on this network, everyone, period. Where was the media, Sean, when my Secret Service friends were calling me, with a mob outside of the White House during the summer of protest, who were genuinely in fear for the first time?” he asked.

“I am not kidding, this is not a joke, I was on the receiving end of those calls. They felt like there was a chance the White House could fall that night. Where was the media the next day? They were making fun of President Trump for being evacuated by his security detail, not his choice, into the bunker. That was their narrative the next day.

Bongino asked where the mass condemnations were at that time.

“The answer is it wasn’t there,” he said. “It became an opportunity to take out Trump. Because why? There isn’t one guiding set of principles in this country. And that why the media tonight, while we’re condemning the violence, is obsessed that we don’t mention an autopsy of how we got here because of their role in it. The Chris Cuomos of the world, who was wondering, where it says you should assemble in peace, in the damn Constitution knucklehead! Did you read the peaceable assembly line?

Bongino said the “only people freaking out tonight are the people without principles.”

“And that’s not me and that’s not anyone else I know here,” he said.

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