Book now claims Stonehenge built by blacks

Stonehenge (Unsplash)
Stonehenge (Unsplash)

A new children’s book, “Brilliant Black British History” by Nigerian-born writer Atinuke, is claiming that the U.K. has more blacks in its history than whites, and that the famed Stonehenge was built by blacks.

The apparent revisionist history isn’t going down well with many:

Revolver News explained the new book “lies to kids.”

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“It’s quite puzzling why there’s such a fervor among blacks to appropriate historical narratives. This phenomenon occurs frequently, with many blacks laying claim to well-documented historical events,” the report explained. “Unfortunately, this has led to substantial disinformation campaigns that are effectively rewriting history. Many historians remain silent, fearful of facing potential backlash from a radical cancel mob that’s more concerned with narratives and messaging than facts and truth.”

It confirmed it’s “not true” that Britain was a “black country” when Stonehenge was built.

“According to historians, the first black African people in Britain arrived under the Roman Empire around 300 A.D. Stonehenge was constructed during the Bronze Age between 3000 and 2000 B.C. But that didn’t stop a Nigerian-born author from re-telling the story a totally different way.”

The Daily Mail documents that Atinuke’s book, aimed at children about age 7, claims the “very first Britons were black.”

The book charges Britain has been “mostly a white country for a lot less time than it has been mostly a black country.”

The report said the book is published by Bloomsbury and promoted by literacy charity The Book Trust.

“It says that Britain was ‘a black country more than 7,000 years before white people came and during that time the most famous British monument was built, Stonehenge,'” the Mail report reveals.

“But research published in 2019 suggested the Neolithic farmers who built Stonehenge had paler skin and were descended from populations originating in Anatolia in what is now Turkey. They also likely had brown eyes and black or dark-brown hair.”

The book also claims that some of the Roman soldiers who invaded and ruled Britain were black.

The Mail reported the book’s appearance follows a campaign by “Don’t Divide Us” claiming that children are being exposed to “anti-racism” theories.

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