Border fight draws charge that Biden administration is 'aiding' crimes

A former state official from Kansas is charging that the Biden administration is aiding in criminal activity by its border policies and practices.

The charge, according to a report at Just the News, comes from Kris Kobach, the former secretary of state in Kansas.

He now is representing an organization of officers in the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as well as a group of Texas sheriffs, in a lawsuit against the Biden administration over border law enforcement.

“You have the Biden administration aiding and abetting the violation of law, and of course ordering its agents to break the law, as well,” Kobach said.

He explained that the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 removed from the executive branch all discretion regarding the removal of illegal immigrants.

The law simply says to detain and remove them, he explained during an interview of John Solomon Reports’ podcast on Monday.

“[T]he Biden administration’s just ignoring the law and actually ordering ICE officers and Border Patrol officers to disregard the law, to violate the law. And that has a really deleterious effect on Texas counties and sheriffs because they are no longer taking custody of, and deporting, dangerous alien criminals,” he said.

There are illegal aliens with “very long criminal records” and a history of “really atrocious crimes,” he said.

ICE should be detaining them and removing them, but now the Biden administration “has told them not to take illegal immigrants that sheriffs have detained,” the report explained.

Kobach brought his legal case on behalf of ICE officers and sheriff’s this summer and is requesting a preliminary injunction.

He explained the Biden administration’s claim is that “the executive branch always get to do whatever we want to do when it comes to enforcing immigration laws.”

An injunction would allow the detention of those illegals again, he said.

“It’s extraordinary how the sheriffs are just totally overwhelmed,” he said on the podcast report.

“They would have to more than double the size of their jails, their personnel. It’s a true crisis at the border, and it is not letting up,” he said.

He said the administration’s orders that officers break the law is “incredibly demoralizing.”

“Because these law enforcement officers, these brave men and women, trained and devoted their careers to enforcing these laws, to protecting the border, to protecting the American public, and to enforce our immigration laws. And now they’re being ordered to stand down by the Biden administration.”

Biden created a crisis at the southern border when he took office by effectively reversing everything President Trump had accomplished to address the problem of illegal aliens flooding in. Trump had had built miles of a border barrier, had instituted a “remain in Mexico” policy for those trying to gain asylum, and sent a message internationally that the U.S. border was closed.

Biden canceled the wall, dropped the “remain in Mexico” policy only to have a judge ordered it reinstated, and watched as Texas announced plans to begin work on a border barrier.

Meanwhile, however, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have breached the national boundary and many now are roaming free inside the United States.

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