You could say that we live in a dumbed-down age. Schools don’t require their students to read and study great classic literature, probably because their students are already failing at even basic reading comprehension. The plots and characters of such literature would be meaningless to the education establishment’s little darlings today, because we need the history and cultural knowledge of the world in which the author lived and also the knowledge of what time period he or she placed the story. But the plots and characters are not meaningless to a people who want to remain free.

The fact is that the only thing today’s educrats worry about is next year’s taxpayer funding. If the achievement books must be cooked and the students deprived of a real education to have a teaching or administrative job next year, well, so be it. Did you really think that a free nation could survive this kind of bureaucratic corruption? Public education needs to die a very public bureaucratic extinction. While it is nice that traditional retirements still exist, the last place we need them is in the public employment sector. Negotiate it out of the union contract. The idea of education degrees and teaching certificates is absurd. Those who have worked in a job or career are the best qualified teachers, but educrats staunchly oppose hiring such people as teachers.

Congress should have long ago mandated 401k-style federal government retirements. Many of our “problems” would be solved with the departure of the hangers-on who would leave to avoid the 401k “save for your retirement” plans so “popular” in corporate America.

Education is about preserving the freedom of the next generation. Elections are about preserving the freedom of the current generation. Tyrants fear an educated population as much as they fear an armed populace. It used to be that tyrants were held up from history as failed leaders. Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler come to mind. Today many among us venerate modern tyrants … and vote for them. Tyrants are masters of manipulation, inventing fake, made up problems that “must be solved – or we’re all gonna die!” Many of the problems we face today are fake, made up problems. Check out East Anglia, computer code and climate change for some rhetorical relief and to know just how “pressing” the climate change boogeyman really is.

About this time in the story the thought emerges about “watering the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” There is, however, something even more powerful than Americans fighting Americans over the future of America. The choice right now is even more stark than American against American.

During the Revolutionary War churchgoing Americans had no trouble mentioning independence and God in the church. Pastors preached for and against it. Argue against it if you will, but God showed up in a big way to give us independence.

Today’s churches avoid the political realm like a demonic choir at Christmas. I’m not sure if that’s because they love the tax-deductible 501c3 as they love themselves, or if they are inane enough to believe that any nation can retain its freedom without God’s blessing.

It’s important to remember that God is our source of freedom. He is the One who created us with free will. Astonishing, isn’t it? He created us and therefore had full claim to ownership of us, but gave us the freedom to decide to follow Him or follow another.

Freedom for us is so important to God that He has become involved in the battle against the tyrants seeking to enslave us with big tech, big pharma and big lies. Scripture is full of the admonition, “But God …” who then does something impossible (from our perspective).

“Well, you’ve done it again. You’re back in the Old Testament. We are people of a the New Testament.” If, however, you really believe that, how will you explain an exodus even bigger than the Jews leaving Egypt, and walking through the Red Sea on dry ground? That’s right, God is far along into the impossible today, using it as a tool to rescue a lukewarm church and secular, demonic-infatuated nation and government from going their own way, walking arm-in-arm with the devil straight to hell.

God, in His Grace, has chosen to not see His Creation handed over to the devil at this time. Satan has been fighting this war for a very long time. Whether we acknowledge it or not, there are very few noncombatants in this war. The good news is that God has already won, but the outcome in the natural world is still clouded, unless we have eyes to see. God has told us that He never changes, yet many today would say, “God doesn’t do miracles anymore today.”

Forget doom and gloom. Remain prayerfully optimistic, and watch God work on a scale way beyond our imaginations, to save his Creation from Satan’s destruction. Today’s Haman in all of his collective glory is very near to being hanged on the gallows he built in his own backyard (book of Esther). God seems to enjoy setting traps for the wicked, including those who have pushed the end-times agenda forward to an earlier date where it does not appear on God’s calendar. Redemption is an ongoing theme with God in both the Old and the New Testaments. Redemption flows from repentance.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol. 4 in the Armageddon Story novel series.

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