Can voter integrity ever return to America?

Donald Trump has a long list of things he must do to save America – especially after the Joe Biden years of illegitimacy and incompetence.

Trump tweeted, once, after winning his first term, that he would have won the popular vote on Election Day “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

Of course, the media went ballistic over this comment.

Even the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, in reporting his comment in a news story had this to say: “There has been no evidence of the widespread voter fraud that would have had to take place to give Clinton millions of illegitimate votes.”

But is Trump’s statement likely true?

We may never know, but I suspect he was right.

How many millions of illegal aliens voted in states like California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, for instance? Who’s counting? How about all the states, either because of court orders or through legislation, that stopped requiring proper identification for casting a ballot? How about all the encouragement that has been given to illegal voters to go to the polls and demand their “right” to vote – even though voting is the right of only citizens?

There has been a concerted effort to ensure illegal votes are cast and counted. That is the only reason for the movement to strike down photo-ID laws or identification that would demonstrate the citizenship status of those who go to the polls.

And it only gets worse year after year. How many “votes” via illegal aliens has Biden added in less than two years? Why else is he so eager to collect them?

But Trump “lost” the 2016 popular vote, we’re told, by 2 million votes.

Does anyone doubt that in 19 states requiring no proper identification to vote that at least 2 million votes were fraudulent?

That’s right. Only 31 states had passed laws requiring voters to show some form of identification at the polls.

Personally, I would be shocked to learn that there weren’t at least 2 million votes cast for Hillary Clinton in 2016 that were invalid.

Any vote cast by a non-citizen should be invalidated. By allowing non-citizens to vote we are effectively diluting the voting power of the citizen.

This is just plain wrong, immoral, illegal and fraudulent.

There should be stiff penalties in every state for voter fraud. But there aren’t. So nobody is counting how many of these votes are being cast. In fact, as I said, illegal voting is being actively encouraged in many states.

If we’re ever going to have a free and fair election again in this country, we need all states requiring proper ID, and the COVID-era loosening of voting processes must be reversed.

But unfortunately, the trend is going the other way – and that includes the stuffing of ballot boxes by “mules,” as documented in the stunning documentary “2000 Mules.”

States enacting voter-integrity laws properly – in the legislatures, the only place laws are supposed to be made – are having them overturned with extreme prejudice by renegade judges who should be tossed out on their ears through impeachment proceedings.

What about states that refuse to confine voting in federal elections to citizens? I would say you could make a constitutional case that those electoral votes should not count because they are unconstitutional.

Am I wrong?

What do you say? Would you get behind an effort to actually restore election integrity? The future of the republic is at stake.

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