Caught! Biden's scheme to take over 2022 elections now in bull's-eye

Just imagine if some election monitor or regulator had spotted the hundreds of millions of Mark Zuckerberg’s dollars flowing through his leftist foundation to local elections officials to “help” them run the 2020 election. Before they were delivered.

You recall that $420 million was identified in an analysis as likely causing the results of that presidential race to swing for Joe Biden, instead of President Donald Trump.

But if that money had been diverted? Halted? Left undelivered? What would have been the results?

We’ll never know for sure, but the hundreds of millions of dollars are known now to have been part of a scheme that also involved suppressing accurate – and negative – reporting about the Biden family cartel’s international business dealings, another factor that could have swung the election results.

It was all part of an election takeover plot that later was formalized and appeared in Congress as a legislative strategy that would change America’s laws to allow the federal government to manage every election.

But it failed, so Biden was sent to a backup plan for election takeovers, as the allegedly stolen results from 2020 were good only until this fall, when the midterms are held.

His new plan was to deliver an executive order to every federal agency, every federal office, to work with others to enhance the voting experience for Americans. Through this idea, housing agencies could recruit voters in Democratic districts, those programs offering benefits could encourage recipients to sign up and vote, and more.

But that, too, now is hitting headwinds.

An announcement from Rep. Ted Budd, R-N.C., says the “Promoting Free and Fair Elections Act” has been proposed.

It would ban federal agencies from using taxpayer funds to implement or enter into agreements with partisan organizations that conduct voter mobilization activities.

Co-sponsors of the bill include Reps. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., Ralph Norman, R-S.C., Ronny Jackson, Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., Mary Miller, R-Ill., Scott Fitzgerald, R-Wis., and Alex Mooney, R-WV.

“President Biden’s executive order empowering every federal agency to engage in electioneering on the taxpayers’ dime raises serious ethical and legal concerns. This sweeping directive is inherently partisan and directed primarily at groups expected to vote for one party over another,” Budd explained.

And Tenney added, “Voting is one of our most sacred rights as American citizens and it must be protected. President Biden has no business turning federal agencies into partisan voting operations for Democrats. It’s unconstitutional and would further undermine confidence in the integrity of our elections. I am standing up today to put an end to this overreaching effort, and I appreciate Congressman Budd’s continued leadership on this issue.”

The move targets Biden’s Executive Order 14019, which purportedly was to “promote access to voting.”

It orders every federal agency to develop a plan to “promote voter participation” and then give that plan to Biden.

“The EO mandates that all federal agencies support ‘approved” third-party organizations to provide voter registration services on federal agency premises located in states across the nation,” the congressional announcement said.

However, deciding “which third-party organizations will be approved, by whom, and based on what criteria is conveniently missing from the EO.”

Budd previously demanded information from Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget Shalanda Young about the program and its provisions.

Now the new legislation would “prohibit the actions ordered under President Biden’s Executive Order (EO) 14019” and would “prevent the Biden administration from using the power, resources, and reach of the federal executive branch, and federal offices located in states across the country, from engaging in voter registration and mobilization efforts designed to benefit Democrats.”

Prohibited activities would include distributing voter-registration application forms, providing an “information” form that contains information on the voter-registration process, providing assistance to applicants in completing a registration application form and accepting completed voter-registration forms.

Fox News reported Mooney explained the plan targets Biden’s “federal overreach.”

He said the move is targeting H.R. 1 and S. 1, the Democrats’ “For the People Act,” which would have given the federal government authority to micromanage every election.

It would have installed in nationwide law the tricks that Democrats used during 2020 to take the election: ballot drop boxes, floods of absentee ballots, flexible voting deadlines and more.

It was last year that Biden demanded an “all-of-government” effort to implement leftists’ voting procedures.

But Mooney explained, “In the Constitution, there is no federal role for running state elections. That has sort of been understood for a long time. One of the great things about our democratic election process is that every state sets its own rules, state-by-state. There are different times that polls are open. There are different polling locations. Is the federal government going to come in and decide the locations for people to vote? They have no authority and no logical ability to do that. So it has all been state-by-state. My state has 55 counties in it. The counties run the elections, county-by-county.”

In a commentary at the Washington Times just days ago, Russell Vought and Tarren Bragdon explained Biden’s agenda was to “infiltrate state-run elections with a bureaucratic ‘get-out-the-vote’ scheme.”

They pointed out that Biden’s plan actually is unconstitutional, and the Foundation for Government Accountability already sued over it.

“Our concern that the executive order is a federally funded attempt at driving out the Democrat vote is not unfounded. Just two years ago, we witnessed privately coordinated interference in our elections through the use of ‘Zuckerbucks.’ These dollars were primarily supplied by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and were supposed to assist state and local election officials during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet suspiciously, Zuckerbucks were concentrated in counties that went for then-candidate Biden,” the report said.

They wrote, “Mr. Biden’s executive order flies in the face of our American principles. And left unchecked, his efforts could give Democrats an institutionalized advantage, not only in the 2022 midterm elections but in every election for decades to come. Pushing back against this presidential overreach must start now.”

Mollie Hemingway, the editor-in-chief at The Federalist, a senior journalism fellow at Hillsdale College and a Fox News contributor, said it will be at least partly up to state officials to halt the elections scheme.

“She explained, “Governors and other state officials don’t have to stand idly by as the Biden administration plots a federal takeover of elections. That’s the message being sent by the heads of two good government groups in a new memo to state officials.”

Actually, the National Voting Rights Act provides states the authority to designate voter registration agencies beyond those already required by federal law, and the federal government cannot designate additional agencies without Congress changing to law.

“So when federal agencies send ‘guidance’ memorandums to state agencies about turning federal benefit centers into voter registration agencies, Vought and Bragdon recommend state officials contact those agencies and ‘order them not to implement that guidance because it is illegal at worst and unethical and partisan at best,'” she reported.

In the report, Bragdon and Vought said, “With increasing brazenness, President Biden is taking advantage of a loyal federal bureaucracy to wield the power and influence of the federal government to influence elections by increasing Democratic voter registration and turnout.”

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