Causing a stink: How N. Korea's Kim duo is testing Joe Biden

By Samuel DiGangi

Recently, the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea decided to try the resolve (and, perhaps, the ever-shrinking cognitive abilities) of a new Joe Biden presidency by once again testing weapons of mass destruction.

This rocket test is quite similar to what was commonplace only a handful of years ago – a terror that grew with ever-growing frequency during past U.S. administrations and something that, due to a combination of diplomacy and strong-arming, had lessened during the years of Donald Trump.

Now, with a Biden administration some would argue seems weak in many ways, the “Dear Leader” of North Korea appears to be more than mildly interested in seeing what he can get away with.

With an obsession for nuclear weapons that would make Dr. Strangelove blush, the DPRK under the leadership of Kim Jong-un has only grown darker and more ominous since President Trump left office. It is safe to assume that no one in the world would be shocked by this truth, regardless of how they felt about Mr. Trump, but there is something a little different this time. This time, an overlooked nuance is emerging as a growing nuisance, and her name is Kim Yo-jong, the leader’s sister.

While the evils of Kim Jong-un are certainly infamous and include things such as having family members strapped to battleship rocket launchers and blown to bits, it is said that Kim Yo-jong is anything but a kind replacement – and she may even be worse. Some defectors and those in the know have observed that many leaders in history have been vile in order to further a cause but that some cruel leaders would inflict misery upon others even if there was no reason to do so. Caligula was certainly such a person, as was the ancient ruler Nero.

Sadly, the world may one day be inscribing the name Kim Yo-jong right along side such names, perhaps just under Countess Bathory. After all, like the famous blood-bather, North Korea’s rising star is not only primed for leadership but she has both a reputation and a smirk that promises to pay no mind whatsoever to the fact that women are as rare in such leadership roles in their respective lands a lobster chins.

While Kim Yo-jong has been seen more and more in the public eye, even playing a very visible role during Olympics in 2016 and also during meetings between her brother and President Trump, many pundits and insiders ignore both her skill and her apparent disregard for protocol. In response to the world’s displeasure over the recent bomb testing actions from the DPRK, Kim Yo-jong is to have said, “We take this opportunity to warn the U.S. administration, which is trying hard to give off the smell of gunpowder in our land, that if it wants to sleep in peace for the coming four years, it had better refrain from causing a stink at [sic] its first step,” according to state-run media.

The very fact that this statement came from her rather than from her brother is a very coy move, one that is likely lost on much of the world. By having his sister say such things, Kim Jong-un is allowing himself wiggle room in the event that he gets to meet with the U.S. under Joe Biden while still showing muscle and defiance to the United States, and by proxy, the whole of humankind. He gets to have his cake and eat it too, something he clearly enjoys.

One of the other things that must be noted about Kim Yo-jong is that, while most of those in her country would be unable to rattle off even basic facts about the world (due to poverty, starvation and a lack of proper education outside of the capital, Pyongyang), she is anything but stupid. She boasts a top-notch education from Switzerland and abroad, just like her brother.

However, unlike her cheese-eating sibling, she was noted for her sharp mind and, most frighteningly, a superior knowledge of computer science! In an age where cyber-based warfare can almost rival the mighty nuclear boomstick in terms of power and dominance on the world stage, North Korea stands posed to openly flaunt both – and to do so with what many who have fled the regime call the most sinister person to sit at a leader’s right hand since Himmler sat sipping tea with Adolf Hitler.

Also, like the Nazis, North Korea has managed to pull this off while under world sanctions.

All of this means that, regardless of if Joe Biden is ready for it or not, he and Vice President Kamala Harris have a male-female counterpart sitting on China’s doorstep who seem to have no qualms about pushing the United States on the matter of war-gaming with South Korea. That is, after all, what Kim Yo-jong was talking about when she made the gunpowder reference, something that was such a sticking point with Donald Trump that peace talks fell apart over that matter. Kim Jong-un was even ­so enraged that he removed his sister from her political post, though she has since been fully reinstated.

It must be, therefore, called to mind that it was not only the call for denuclearization that spooked Kim Jong-un from the bargaining table and back to the buffet, but the fact that the U.S. is all but taunting the North Koreans by running war games with the South and increasing their worry that, without a nuke, they may end up like Libya. After all, that was also a Democratic Party fiasco, a fact not lost on the Kim dynasty.

Is Biden/Harris (or Harris/Biden) ready for the challenge? The world is about to find out because, while Biden has only had to give lip service to the launch and testing of the rocket so far, more tests will certainly be on the agenda. It only remains to be seen which of the two siblings’ fingers will be pushing the button.

Samuel Earl Di Gangi is a writer, political commentator, graphic artist, DJ. and musician with a strong anti-nuclear, pro-libertarian (small L), pro-Christian lean. He is the curator of “The Correct Views,” or TCV, which is a member show of the newsgroup called “The Media Speaks.” Contact Sam at [email protected].

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