China rising: The chief of 'Xi's Assets' sits in the White House

The Great American Divide : Is it between the right and the left? Democrats and Republicans? Believers and atheists? Socialists and capitalists? Binaries and non-binaries? Lunatics and earthlings?

Or is it between straight party liners and independent thinkers? Is that the true dichotomy?

Back in the day it took real work for everyday Soviets to keep up with the Communist Party line. It was rather complicated, and it kept changing. If you missed the latest update, someone could denounce you. And off you went to the gulags.

It was a good system for keeping the masses in line, but the USSR eventually fell, so it must have needed some refining. The obvious improvement was to leave all that stuff about dialectical materialism to the big kids and boil it down to a word or phrase and spread it out on the latest incarnate version of the Journo-list, for talking heads everywhere to repeat endlessly, or at least till the algorithms of effective narrative propagation have been fulfilled. So here in the U.S., the correct buzzwords have become the key to acceptance and happy herd membership. Once upon a time lightweight news readers went on and on about the lack of “gravitas” in the opposition leadership. Later the party jingle was the charge of “jingoism.” A hundred iterations later we have arrived at the latest, and suddenly “Putin’s Assets” are hiding under every bed.

So, what’s a Russkie sympathizer to do? Are we supposed to pretend we don’t secretly admire Vlad’s manly physique and assertiveness? His cunning flair for warfare? Would it be safer for us to join in the chorus calling for Tucker Carlsen’s head on a pike? But maybe dodging the accusations isn’t the answer.

Surely the independent thinkers of the age can spot the plain reality. Russia hasn’t been our problem for a while. And, at one time, may have even become a welcomed ally. But that was before they were put to the task of becoming the Democratic Party’s red herring distraction against the very real threat of China. And, just as surely, the independent thinkers of this age have noted that in the swirling vortex of the current war, we will have no benefit, nor will Russia, nor will the Ukraine. But China’s gains are quite remarkable. We are weakened; Russia becomes her footstool; and the Ukes don’t matter much to President Forever Xi. A crypto yuan comes closer to becoming the world currency, while the dollar approaches the fate of the Weimar Republic’s Reich mark. A wheelbarrow of dollars for a sack of potatoes, anyone?

Does that analysis suffer the same failing as the old Soviet’s Scientific Socialism? Is it a bit too much for the masses to easily digest? The irony of the left calling out conservatives for “American jingoism” follows the old pattern. Whatever evil the left does or plans to do is always obscured by charging the opposition with that very same evil.

How close is the American left and its oligarch allies to being wholeheartedly “Xi’s Assets”? Maybe that is the full-throated answer they deserve. A hundred years ago the Communist Party was quite popular. The utopian dream of the ComIntern was sweeping the planet, and here the American CP issued literally millions of membership cards. Adherents to the dream at the New York Times kept us all in the dark about the Holomodor, Stalin’s terror famine in the Ukraine in the early ’30s, but with the installation of the Iron Curtain after World War II, Communist sympathies became a national anathema. The pendulum swings, but we have beaten back the threat of Communist Revolution before, perhaps one greater than this, and we can do so again.

Once the threat was simply ideological. And freedom of thought was the highest part of the American ideal. Now the Trojan horse of “free trade” has allowed the same threat to gain a cancerous presence in our country. China comes to us as a cash cow, and, as such, a temptation irresistible to an increasingly godless American materialism and greed. Communism never left us. Professors professed a youthful, naïve indiscretion and continued to teach the same lessons under changing “humanist” rubrics. Our universities have welcomed tens of thousands of Chinese students to absorb our technology and take it home to use against us. Our pretended journalists have done all things possible to obscure the plainest evidence of the utter compromise “President” Joe Biden represents to the Chinese. He recently put a halt to the investigations directed at these “students” by the previous administration.

Is it a hard case to make that President Biden and many who serve in his administration are in fact Chinese Assets? Xi’s Assets? Since well before 2020 and now.

Who most desperately needed the presidency of Donald Trump to come to an end, and what brought Biden into the White House?

1. The Chinese flu, which Xi’s Assets moved heaven and earth to rename.

2. The murderous curtailing of the application of safe, cheap symptomatic treatments for COVID, with the ardent cooperation at the highest levels of Xi’s Assets among our medical regulators and watchdogs.

3. The insanity of quarantining the entire population from an easily treatable flu virus, that only threatened a small, immuno-compromised segment of the populace – something never so much as remotely contemplated, by anyone, ever, on Earth, pre-Fauci.

4. The cruel re-insertion in Democratic strongholds of the infected back into nursing homes, ginning up the mortality numbers by the tens of thousands. All of which were brought to us by Xi’s Assets in the Chinese-dominated WHO and its great supporter and long-time ally, Dr Fauci.

5. The hysteria of daily pandemic porn, broadcasted by Xi’s Assets in the media, being used to excuse unlegislated changes to election law, allowing unrestricted mail-in balloting and massive voter fraud, giving the U.S. presidency to a half-wit man with no real visible popular support.

What has Biden done, since taking office, that we wish he hadn’t done, but which have been beneficial to the Chinese? This is not an encyclopedia, so a small sampling will have to do.

1. Who has benefited by the demise of energy independence, starting with Biden’s first day in office, and was enthusiastically embraced by (you guessed it) Xi’s Assets?

2. Who has benefited by Biden’s lawless open border policy? Xi’s Assets in the Democratic Party, who need to import a fresh voting batch of Xi’s Assets.

3. Who has benefited by Biden’s inflation?

4. Who wins when the voices of the opposition are censored by Xi’s Assets from 90% of the flow of political discourse?

5. How many more patriots are Xi’s Assets planning to lock up for doing what Americans are supposed to do?

6. How many new outrages will Xi’s Assets commit before anyone can even respond to the last outrage?

Yeah … it gets tiresome. But the propagandists’ power of repetition is being used against us, and it must somehow be answered, if America is not to become another one of Xi’s Assets.

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