China's Xi warns 'bullies' will 'face broken heads and bloodshed'

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks on the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party on July 1, 2021 (Screenshot)

On the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, President Xi Jinping warned that any country that tries to “bully” China will “face broken heads and bloodshed.”

“​The Chinese people will absolutely not allow any foreign force to bully, oppress or enslave us and anyone who attempts to do so will face broken heads and bloodshed in front of the iron Great Wall of the 1.4 billion Chinese people,” ​Xi said to applause.

He spoke before thousands waving flags and singing patriotic songs near Tiananmen Square.

“Without the Communist Party, there will be no new China,” ​he said.

On Twitter, Weiwei Dai, who describes himself as a Chinese, engineer and banker who supports socialism and collectivism, praised the party for doing “a good job.”

“China in 1921 was poor, divided, and colonized. CPC obviously did a good job in past 100 years. Happy birthday and keep going,” he wrote.

He didn’t mention, however, that China’s economy failed under communism and did not turn around until it opened up to the West and free enterprise. And he ignored the giant elephant in the room, the estimated 40 to 80 million who died under Mao and his Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.

Mao was a founder or the Chinese Communist Party in 1921 and was its leader until his death in 1976.

In 2016, the Washington Post ran a column by Ilya Somin on the biggest mass murderer in history. Many believe the title belongs to Adolf Hitler or to Josef Stalin, Somin wrote, but the death toll under Mao was easily the greatest.

Under Xi, China continues to suppress free speech, religious freedom and other human rights, notably in its holding of ethnic minority Uyghurs in forced labor camps.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley tweeted: “You don’t have to ‘bully’ China to suffer their abuse. Just ask Hongkongers, the Uyghurs, Tibetans, and the Taiwanese. China is the free world’s greatest threat.”

China also is under sanction from Western nations for unfair trade practices and for stealing intellectual property.

Taiwan: We will defend our sovereignty

At the event Thursday, Xi boasted that China “will turn the people’s military into a world-class military, with even stronger capabilities and even more reliable means to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty, security and development interests.”

And he vowed to bring democratically ruled Taiwan under Chinese Communist Party rule.

“Solving the Taiwan question and realizing the complete reunification of the motherland are the unswerving historical tasks of the Chinese Communist Party and the common aspiration of all Chinese people,” ​he said.

But Taiwan reacted with a vow to protect its borders, pointing out China “is still a dictatorship.”

“Its historical decision-making errors and persistent harmful actions have caused serious threats to regional security,” ​Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council said in a statement.

“Our government’s determination to firmly defend the nation’s sovereignty and Taiwan’s democracy and freedom and to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait remains unchanged​,” it said.

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