Chinese official's speech exposes Xi Jinping's opinion of U.S.

Xi Jinping

In a speech not intended for the public, a Chinese official revealed President Xi Jinping’s opinion of the United States – that it is the “biggest source of chaos in the world today.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute said it was an internal speech from He Bin, a senior regional Communist Party official, that appeared briefly on Qilian News “but was quickly removed due to its sensitive content.”

Included in the speech were comments about Xi on several topics, MEMRI said.

“Before, through self-study, concentrated study, listening to lectures, expert guidance, we read and studied, word by word, sentence by sentence, the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party’s spirit of the fifth Plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee,” He Bin said.

He said he was speaking at a “special seminar” to “promote the theoretical armament of ‘going deep, going to heart, and going to real results.’ ”

“It is also an exhibition, training and pledge of ‘fully mindful of the paramount issues of a great nation.’ It is also to refuel, boost, gear up and issue the marching order in our new modernization journey to contribute to the 14th Five-year Plan and to build a beautiful happy new Qilian.”

He explained: “Through the study, we have further deepened our understanding of Marxist political economy, and strengthened our political judgment of using dialectical thinking to observe the general trend, plan for the overall situation, and focus on major events. Whether the two speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Fifth Plenary Session, or the important speech at the leading cadres’ seminar at provincial and ministerial level, all ran through the red line of the basic principle and methodology of Marxist political economy. It is an incisive elaboration and theoretical sublimation of Xi Jinping’s thought on ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics,’ especially his thought on political economy. And they are glorious documents of Marxist political economy with shining light of our times.

“First, we have learned the political height of gaining insight into the general situation from the perspective of the overall situation. General Secretary Xi Jinping always has two ‘big pictures’ in mind, and he has made a series of major political and strategic judgments by observing, analyzing and judging issues in the context of ‘the strategic overall situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’ and ‘the profound changes unseen in the world in a century.’ For example, when talking about the historical position, he made a strategic judgment that China has entered a new stage of development. When it comes to the international situation, he made a political judgment that ‘the West is strong and the East is weak’ is detrimental backward-looking, and that ‘the East is rising and the West is falling’ is incremental and future-looking.

“When talking about the strategic game between China and the United States, he made major judgment that ‘the biggest source of chaos in the world today is the United States’ and ‘the United States is the greatest threat to China’s development and security.’ When it comes to the governance system, he made the directional judgment that ‘economic globalization will continue to undergo profound changes, but its fundamental direction will not change,’ and that ‘crisis and opportunities coexist, there are opportunities amid crises, and crisis can turn into opportunities.’ As a result, I deeply realize that, as the county Party Secretary, I need to take a clear-cut stand in politics, be good at climbing high and look far ahead, judge situations and analyze problems politically, to promote our work.”

He said Xi’s speeches are full of big ideas.

“For example, there are groups of concepts, standards and viewpoints that are full of dialectic relationships, such as crisis and opportunity, international and domestic, ‘have or have not’ and ‘good or not,'” the official said.

“General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech is all about big things, manifesting true framework. It fully embodies General Secretary Xi Jinping’s profound insights into times and trends, his accurate grasp of crisis and opportunity, his scientific guidance on thoughts and deeds. It is full of the lights of Marxist truth,” he said.

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