Christian champion warns of COVID vaccines using cell line from abortion

A Marine receives the COVID-19 vaccination at the U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa at Camp Foster in Japan, Feb. 18, 2020. As thousands of service members receive the vaccine, they are given an “I got my COVID-19 vaccine because … ” sticker. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Karis Mattingly)

James Dobson, the founder of the James Dobson Family Institute, the host of the “Family Talk” radio programs and an adviser on faith issues to multiple presidents, says it’s good that American ingenuity, led by President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” worked so quickly to develop COVID-19 vaccines.

However, he said in a statement from his institute, including himself and Drs. Roy Stringfellow and Joe McIlhaney, that Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca are using fetal cell lines.

“We and the ministry of the James Dobson Family Institute, and all who are pro-life, must demand that the researchers and the producers of vaccines put every possible effort into developing alternative cell lines that do not depend in any way on the use of human fetal tissue,” the statement said.

“We urge you to educate yourself on the relevant issues associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. The Charlotte Lozier Institute has compiled a number of helpful online resources.

“We must hold fast to the inherent and immeasurable value of all human life,” the statement said.

Two other vaccines, from Moderna and Pfizer, did not use the cell line in their vaccine production, the statement said.

“However, all four companies used the cell line in laboratory evaluation for effectiveness. We commend Moderna and Pfizer for not using the cell line for the actual production of their vaccines. There are no human fetal cells of any sort in those two vaccines. Many lives have already been saved through the use of these vaccinations,” the statement said.

“Still, it remains troubling that these companies — and others in the medical, cosmetic, and food industries—have in some manner used cell lines derived originally from an aborted human fetus in their research and development. There are now other options for developing a cell line that do not utilize aborted fetal tissue. Examples include the use of non-human animal tissue, or tissue derived from post-delivery human cord blood or placental tissue.”

In response to COVID-19, the statement said, a “terrible virus which was killing literally thousands of Americans daily, speed was of the essence.”

“For that reason, the labs fell back on the proven and available cell line already in use for decades. Time simply did not allow the research needed to develop a new cell line when each day of delay would result in thousands of deaths.”

The statement said much progress has been made.

“We are now rapidly approaching ‘herd immunity,’ which will allow so many lives to be saved and a gradual return to normalcy.”

The statement identified the offending cell line as one that was “derived 35 years ago from eye cells of an 18 week-old fetus, aborted electively for ‘social reasons.’ While this cell line, after just a few divisions in cell culture over three decades ago, was altered to a non-human cell type, and the current cell line used in these vaccines does not contain human fetal cells, still, the original development of this line is disturbing.”

The statement said, “As we seek to protect humankind and eradicate this COVID-19 virus, may we always do so in a manner that honors God and uplifts the sanctity of all life.”

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