'Christians who voted for Biden, this is on your hands'

Pro-life “never-Trumpers” must face up to the fact that they voted for the ramped-up abortion agenda they will witness under Joe Biden’s administration, says the president of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly.

In an opinion piece for his organization’s Daily Citizen publication, he noted that “elections have consequences.”

For social conservatives who opposed President Trump’s reelection because his personality or his tweets offended them, among the consequences are more deaths of unborn children, he said.

“President-elect Biden is doing what he signaled during the campaign he would do,” Daly wrote Dec. 17. “That is, to support abortion no matter the viability of the baby in the womb.”

The responsibility, he acknowledged, rests mostly on Biden, but “some also extends to every so-called pro-life ‘Never Trumper’ (some of whom are my friends) who voted for Mr. Biden on November 3.”

“This is what you voted for,” he wrote.

Daly emphasized Biden’s nomination of virulently pro-abortion California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as his secretary of Health and Human Services.

Becerra, he said, is “an ideological lawyer with a lengthy record of hostilities towards the pro-life movement” who has no medical training or professional health credentials.

Becerra has “been a strong advocate for taxpayer-funded abortions, supported sex-selective abortions, and voted in favor of partial-birth abortion and against legislation criminalizing hurting a preborn baby while in the act of committing a crime.”

Daly said he hopes “public outcry” will derail Becerra’s nomination.

But he pointed out Biden is only trying to fulfill his promise to make Roe v. Wade “the law of the land.”

Daly argued that Trump, “from a policy perspective, easily been the most pro-life president of my lifetime.”

“From reinstating the Mexico City policy banning taxpayer-funded abortions overseas to appointing pro-life judges, permitting states to defund Planned Parenthood of Title X family planning funds and being the first president to speak in person at the March for Life, to name a few highlights, his stalwart support for the most innocent has been peerless,” Daly wrote.

He acknowledged the president’s “sharp elbows” offended some.

But for social conservatives, “his policies were for the people, especially the most vulnerable – the pre-born.”

And he said there’s little doubt that pro-lifers who didn’t vote for Trump cost the president “key votes he could not afford to lose.”

PJ Media’s Mark Tapscott noted Becerra, both as California attorney general and a Democratic congressman, has been an outspoken advocate of abortion-on-demand “right up until, and sometimes after, a baby is delivered.”

“Assuming he is confirmed by the Senate to head HHS, Becerra will be in a position to steer hundreds of millions of tax dollars to the abortion mill giant Planned Parenthood and its allies, as well as to implement regulatory policies that ensure during the next four years millions more unborn babies will be killed in their mothers’ wombs,” he wrote. “How many of those babies would have otherwise survived had Trump remained in office may never be known.”

In an interview, Daly told PJ Media: “I’m from California, I know Becerra. His track record is not good toward human life, but it doesn’t shock me that President-elect Biden would select that kind of person. But for those who voted for Biden, that’s what you’re going to get, and for Republicans, and Christians who voted for Biden, this is on your hands. To be sober, I just want them to realize that.”

The Daily Signal recently reported that among Becerra’s priorities are forcing faith-based groups to promote abortion, prosecuting activists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts, universal health health care, suing President Trump over abortion funding and protecting illegal immigration.

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