Christmas classic gets Rand Paul revision


Sen. Rand Paul has released his own, new version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” the famed poem about St. Nick and his arrival on Christmas Eve.

Paul’s is the “Week” before Christmas and is about the unleashed spending campaign of Democrats in Congress, whose omnibus spending bill would take $1.7 trillion from taxpayers and hand it out.

A column at PJMedia explained, “I think my favorite parts are the shout-outs. ‘Now, McConnell! Now, Schumer! Now, Pelosi and Vixen! On Biden! On Stupid! On Dumber and Blitzen! To debt! To bankruptcy! To free money for all! Now dash, dash away, more cash for all!'”

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Explained the column, “Sen. Rand Paul has written his own retelling of the classic poem … about the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill, and performs it in a video, which is currently going viral on social media.”

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The senator from Kentucky is wearing a red blazer before a backdrop of a Christmas tree and a fireplace as he explains the “earmarks were hung by the chimney with care.”

That would be while “senators were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of pork danced in their heads.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The “Climate Change Cult.” The “Anti-Racism Cult.” The “Cult of Wokeness.” The “LGBTQ Cult” and its predatory offspring targeting America’s children, the “Transgender Cult.” The “Cult of Abortion.” The “COVID Cult.” The “Cult of Globalism.” “TikTok Cults.” Every month the list grows.

To right-thinking Americans attempting to make sense of a nation seemingly gone mad, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the irrational, deranged – and often demonic – leftwing political and cultural movements currently capturing the minds of millions of Americans are nothing short of full-fledged cults.

Although the high priesthood of all these leftwing religious cults – i.e., university professors, academics and other Marxist ideologues and activists – may be true believers, the people actually wielding REAL POWER do not believe any of it. To them, these leftwing cults conveniently serve to disguise and distract “the rabble” from what the leader class is REALLY up to, which is the pursuit of ever more power, wealth and glory for themselves, and a total transformation of America and the world.

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