Christmas is a message of feminist empowerment?

I think I finally got it. I think I finally understand why progressives dislike Christmas as a faith celebration. It’s because it’s so difficult to twist biblical characters into politically correct roles. From dissing the Patriarchs for being, well, Patriarchs, to trying to portray Jesus as gay, progressives have twisted themselves into pretzels to revamp the Good Book as a Woke Book.

I’m sure you’ve already heard the weary (and roundly debunked) arguments that Joseph, Mary and Jesus were homeless/refugees/immigrants (take your pick) when in fact they were obeying government orders to report for taxation.

Or how about a bishop for the Church of Sweden who is developing a new Bible for children because the old ones didn’t have a sufficient “gender and diversity perspective”?

And now we have another attempt, this one by a progressive female pastor with the United Church of Christ, who tweeted: “Christmas season is about God choosing a woman to lead a revolution of re-organizing the structures of societal power by her leadership, tenderness, and faith.” She added, “We need to unlearn broken patterns of thinking.”

Yay Christmas, a message of feminist empowerment!

Of course, in the ultimate portrayal of feminist “empowerment,” Mary would have done away with Jesus before He was even born. In 2017, feminists in Argentina carried out a shocking “performance art” in which they portrayed that precise scenario. “They literally want to abort Jesus off the face of the earth in every manifestation of His presence today,” mourned a priest, who condemned the “grotesque and blasphemous act” he said “represents what every abortion actually is.”

But this is just part of a progressive continuum. Left is right, bad is good, evil is beautiful.

In their worldview where traditional masculinity is considered a disease, the Bible (full of manly men) is an embarrassment. “Progressives are at war with anything perceived as normal and traditional,” observes Mark Tapson on FrontPage Mag. “Everything that has made us in the West who we are, and made us the freest, most prosperous, most accomplished, most civilized civilization in history – our religious beliefs, our values, our traditions, our art and literature, our history, our heroes, even our science – is now deemed either racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, Islamophobic, colonialist, oppressive, exploitative, or a toxic combination thereof, and must be erased. Our past and any links to it are unacceptably unwoke, and so Progressives seek relentlessly to redefine, or preferably eradicate, every cultural norm in order to remake the world according to their self-righteous, allegedly inclusive, collectivist, utopian vision.”

And this, of course, includes the birth of Jesus. He can’t possibly be the Son of God and the Savior of the world. Instead, he’s an illegitimate brat who grew up insufficiently tutored in woke principles and whose radical teachings must be therefore roundly debunked by people who consider themselves a lot smarter.

This is why wishing someone a Merry Christmas is so offensive. Progressives, as always, are demanding we tiptoe around their feeeelings as we enter this Dark Winter.

The events of 2020 have given militant secularists (who violently opposed to the “Christian nationalist movement” because “it provides constant cover for white supremacy”) their opportunity to dominate a Biden administration.” “If COVID has taught us anything it’s taught us that natural-born tyrants really do not WANT to see religious believers having any constitutional protections of their rights,” notes Wes Walker on Clash Daily.

Over and over again, I am amazed at the ability of the left to suck every last bit of joy out of life. Give them good news, and they’ll find the bad. Give them a happy story, and they’ll speculate what unseen ugliness lurks below the surface. The ultimate source of joy is the source liberals paradoxically love to hate: faith. How dare a God try to tell them what to do (or not to do)? How dare a God imply they might one day be accountable for their actions to someone besides themselves? It’s why progressives mock and taunt believers for their childish faith in a God who helps, rescues and saves.

And of course, during this Christmas season they can’t take comfort or joy in celebrating the birth of a Savior since, of course, there is no God, and Jesus (if He existed at all) was just some bearded hippie dude dumb enough to let himself be murdered by the Romans.

But most people, it seems, aren’t having it. Struggling in the wake of the events of 2020, they’re seeking the comfort of Christmas celebrations as both a mental refreshment and a spiritual lifeline, not a message of feminist empowerment. That’s why people are attending church despite government mandates to cease and desist. That’s why a quarter of Americans say their faith has increased during this difficult year. That’s why the Wall Street Journal reported Christmas decorations are in short supply: “Americans fill dark, increasingly cold pandemic days by buying up more lights, trees and ornaments at a rapid pace.”

“Here’s the point in plain English,” wrote Chuck Norris. “Follow the Harvard science: shutting down faith centers like synagogues and churches during the escalation of deaths of despair is exactly like shutting down hospitals during escalating death rates from COVID-19.”

As I see it, we’ve just been through a hellacious year, with “deaths of despair” at an all-time high. The upcoming year doesn’t look like it will bode much better. If there’s any time we need to comfort of a Savior, it’s now.

Christmas is not a message of feminist empowerment. It’s a message of salvation. Keep your eyes on the prize, folks. It’s all we have.

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