Christmas stories from snowflake land

With the holidays approaching, the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” reminds us that children are “nestled all snug in their beds” with “visions of sugar-plums” dancing in their heads. For many of these children living in northern climates, they also enjoy visions of snow falling to create the winter wonderland so typical of the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, children in southern climates, also nestled snug in their beds, while denied a similar winter wonderland, still seem able to share the “snowflake” experience. However, it comes in the form of those social “snowflakes” of the woke generation that Christmas seems to bring out.

An example of this recently occurred in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Christmas provided a trigger for snowflake liberals attempting to erase the special holiday’s “raison d’etre.” Beginning in 1950, the Beta Sigma Phi sorority has set up a display of the Nativity scene, more recently turning responsibility for it over to a group known as “The Great Passion Play.” No sooner had the display gone up this November than the town’s mayor, Butch Berry, requested it be removed. Berry apparently had been threatened by some seasonal snowflakes, that if it were not taken down, they would file a lawsuit to force its removal. Hoping to spare the town legal fees, Berry made his request.

But the Passion Play group was unwilling to roll over. Its executive director, Randall Christy, denied Berry’s request, posting notices on Facebook about what was going on, prompting thousands of townspeople to come out to support the display. The mayor finally gave in, agreeing to issue Christy a permit and declaring others wishing to put up similar displays in the public park alongside the Nativity scene would receive permits to do so as well. Christy announced the town would “keep Christ in Christmas,” preventing the town’s snowflakes from playing a role as the Grinch who stole the Nativity scene.

Sadly these snowflakes reside across the country. In 2021, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where President Joe Biden has a vacation home, was involved in a lawsuit. The Catholic Church there had a Nativity scene that offended a Grinch who sought its removal. The case was eventually settled by the city having to ban unattended Nativity scenes on public property.

This year, the library director in the town of Dedham, Massachusetts, sought to play Scrooge, announcing she was terminating the long standing tradition of putting up Christmas trees in the public libraries because they made some people feel “uncomfortable.” Protests against the policy reached Jesse Waters of Fox News who shared the story on his “Primetime” show. Threatening to pay a visit to Dedham proved sufficient enough to get the director’s decision reversed.

While the library director later posted on Facebook that “we do our best to respect the wide variety of viewpoints and beliefs in our community…,” Waters noted tongue-in-cheek that for some people, “there’s nothing more offensive than twinkling lights on a Douglas fir. … How offensive.”

Waters added, after learning the libraries had earlier commemorated Kwanzaa, “So, you can celebrate Kwanzaa at the library, but you can’t celebrate Christmas? Does anybody in Dedham, Massachusetts, even celebrate Kwanzaa?”

While snowflakes, Grinches and Scrooges all lost out in the above stories, apparently in Woodland, Washington, a Nativity scene in a park had to be removed after city officials said they received complaints about the display being erected on public land. Sadly, the loud complaints of the few took priority over the silent enjoyment by the many.

COVID lockdowns have left snowflakes with too much time to reflect upon what they find socially disturbing. What will they go after next? If they are disturbed by Nativity scenes marking the birth of Christ, totally ignoring the Christmas holiday’s raison d’etre, what about Easter? Will we next hear complaints it should be abandoned as they are disturbed by the “chicken genocide” committed as millions of eggs are hard-boiled and hidden for children to find in commemoration of another important religious holiday?

Only time will tell us what these snowflakes will be disturbed by next!

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