Christmas: The light of Christ in a steadily darkening world

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Christmas is the world’s largest celebration of the love between God and man. The Christian message explains that the Almighty watched the evil going on in the world, as Satan and his forces are present in this earthly realm, and decided to provide a solution to the calamities of men.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life,” explains John the Apostle in John 3:16.

The idea is that by adhering to Christ’s law of grace, by practicing the commandments of Jesus – which summed up is: Love thy God and love thy neighbor – man is given a path to peace. By doing good to others, seeking out those in need, attempting at the best of one’s ability to make the world a better place, the eternal message of God’s love is fulfilled.

The path to freeing yourself from the forces of darkness begins by accepting God’s gift of Jesus Christ. Upon opening one’s heart and inner self, searching to connect to God mentally, the reality of Jesus Christ is revealed to men. This is mental health in the deepest sense. By searching for Christ, a mental path opens and men may begin a spiritual journey that disconnects man from the present evil.

Next, by studying the Bible, connecting to other believers such as the Orthodox community or other denominations, man may tap into the existential wisdom that elevates the individual and frees him from the horrifying torment of depressions and anxiety, hopelessness and emptiness, fear and sadness. He is given the mental tools to combat this evil, and the path to inner freedom and peace opens up.

In the famous Madison Square Garden Crusade, the leading Christian preacher, Billy Graham, repeats the Christian verdict by saying that the heart is the seat of a man’s conscience and light. Therefore, the Christian message requires that man humble himself and seek repentance under God in order to better himself.

The Bible is a several thousand years old historical document and represents the backbone of Western civilization. It is comprised of a number of books that provide exquisite literature, wisdom, anecdotes, history, poetry, prophetic writings and much more. Dr. Robert Palmer, a leading world historian, says that it is impossible to exaggerate the importance of Christianity’s influence on classical Western values. It was Christianity that introduced the principle of equality regardless of race, creed and gender, the early human rights and belief in human dignity.

The demonization of the Bible is currently at its most rampant in the West, as atheism seeks to quench the spiritual voice in this vast literature, so that the light and hope from the Eternal should not reach the individuals struggling in darkness. The evil at work is staggering.

The existential battle between good and evil is taking place before our very eyes. The atheist, Marxist New Left’s war against the Church is raging, and many speak of totalitarianism engulfing us. Yet, this is precisely the environment that makes Christianity the perfect choice, the path to mental health.

The current type of authoritarian police state many now feel we live in was exactly what Jesus was born into. The Roman Empire gave little freedom of speech to those who wished to disagree with its policies.

The Jewish people – Jesus was a Jew – were handled with remarkable force by the Romans if they revolted against the tyranny. It is important to note that the Bible clearly states that those who have not comprehended the Christ path will be judged by their conscience. In the Old Testament, this was the rule – with David, Joseph, Samuel, Moses and many more – and how God will judge others we may leave up to him.

The point is that the existential path opened by Jesus Christ is a revolutionary passage to mental peace and mental health in a steadily darker world.

This is what we celebrate at Christmas. The baby boy born in a manger far from the palaces of power became the Savior of the world. As he was celebrated by shepherds and astrologers who saw his massive star flare up the heavens, they knew that a remarkable revolution was taking place. Since then, Christianity has become the world’s largest religion with billions searching for the light of Christ to combat the evil that engulfs this world.

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