Climate scam and cowardly Republicans helped kill red wave

Imagine if Republicans had picked up another 8% of votes, what the Republican “red wave” would have looked like in the Nov. 8 election. Exit polling showed that roughly 8% of voters ranked non-existent “climate change” as their No. 1 issue when going to vote last Tuesday in the midterm elections. (See: Karlyn Bowman, “The 2022 Exit Polls: A-Z,” Forbes, Nov. 9, 2022.

Since 1974, Republican and business leaders have been too afraid to address the clearly false superstition that humans are changing or ever could change the temperature or climate of gigantic planet Earth. Because they thought it would just go away if they ignored it, we now have actual, real votes for Congress changed based upon a myth.

But now we see that real votes for real House members and U.S. senators are being affected by the climate cult. This is not just something we can shake our head at and go back to real things. This myth is actually harming our nation … and the world.

During last Tuesday’s “Red wave that wasn’t,” exit polling of Americans departing the polls found that 71% of voters believe that climate change is either “a very serious problem” or “somewhat serious problem.”

Amazingly, of those 46% of total voters who think that climate change is “a very serious problem,” 14% are the Republican voters the country was counting on last Tuesday to save the United States. (Getting all math-y for a second, that means that 6.44% of Republican voters believe that climate change is “a very serious problem.”)

But truly astonishing, out of those voters (25%) who think that climate change is “a somewhat serious problem,” an incredible 69% are the Republican voters whom the country needed. We needed every one of those voters to repudiate socialism, yet they believe in the propaganda. They probably voted Republican overall, but they are easily manipulated to go soft on leftist causes.

Get that: Republicans are 69% – while Democrats are 27% – of those voters who think that climate change is “a somewhat serious problem.” Now, let’s get all mathematical for a moment: 69% of the 25% in that category means that 17.25% of Republican voters asked on their way out of the polls believe that climate change is “a somewhat serious problem.”

The correct answer of course is that climate change caused by human activity does not exist, has never existed, and never will exist. The climate changes. But the tiny ants called humans, too small to see from space, are not capable of changing the climate.

So how is it that over 71% of those who voted last Tuesday, including a majority of Republicans, nevertheless believe in something that provably does not exist?

Since the 1970s, cowardly Republicans and timid business leaders have tried to dodge the lies of man-made global warming because, well, they were and are afraid. It is very frightening to be afraid. And fear is pretty much all that establishment Republicans and businessmen know.

So while these “leaders” could easily have ground the climate change nonsense into dust at any time over the last 50 years, they treated the loud and shrill activists (they’re so scary, you know) like adolescents going through a phase. If the parents just let the climate activists have their temper tantrums and roll on the floor and threaten to hold their breath until they turn blue, some day they will grow out of it and become normal. There is nothing so convincing as an excuse to not do anything.

But the left is not open to the truth. For them it is all about emotion, and mainly the emotion of feeling superior. Throw in a dose of hating humanity both generally and specific people and wanting to depopulate the planet. And then there is some hating God in there because God is in control of the planet Earth’s thermostat, not humans.

The deep, dark, empty cavern of meaninglessness inside their hearts can only be filled by feeling superior to others. So when the left gets its way, they will always demand more. It is the demanding (and the inherent condescension) that gives their life meaning. It doesn’t matter what they are demanding. Their meaning in life is that they are better than you – so they will always demand more and more and more.

The entire climate change hypothesis is that CO2 increased in the atmosphere. Then the planet’s temperature increased. Therefore, more CO2 caused Earth’s planet-wide, global temperature to increase.

But that’s not science. A happened then B happened does not mean that A caused B. There is no evidence that CO2 causes higher planet-wide temperatures. It’s never been tested. Note that opinions are not experiments. Papers are not experiments. Studies are not experiments. Published articles are not experiments. Experiments are experiments. Science runs on experiments, not on conjecture and speculation.

But we have never even tried to take the temperature of planet Earth. The Earth’s surface is 196.9 million square miles. The only way to measure that is to use statistical techniques of randomized samples. We’ve never used a randomized sample to try to measure the Earth’s temperature.

The size of a statistical sample corresponds to how small of a difference you are expecting to detect. With climate change, the year over year difference suspected would require randomized sample sizes between 80,000 and 400,000 measurements.

The temperature readings would have to be on the same day of the year at the same local time of day, because temperatures change throughout the year and through a 24 hour day. And weather moves, sometimes quickly, across the surface. So if measurements are not all on the same day, you are just measuring the same weather system two or three times as it moves.

There is no evidence that air pockets trapped in ice don’t change over long periods of time. Chemical reactions slow but do not stop at low temperatures. Tree growth rings respond to moisture, not temperature. Trees rot within a few decades.

The New Testament’s Romans chapter 1 warned us about the self-proclaimed experts who cry out their own wisdom:

“Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and they exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible mankind, of birds, four-footed animals, and crawling creatures.”

We may want to think of ourselves as clever, but the past cannot be measured except in broad brush strokes. The past is past. It no longer exists.

Debunking the climate cult is the easiest thing GOP leaders could ever do. But by hiding from the controversy, they have allowed this fairy tale to grow into a monster story.

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