Comparing D-Day heroes with Antifa turds: Absurd!

This past Sunday was the 77th anniversary of D-Day. sums it up: “The battle began on June 6, 1944, also known as D-Day, when some 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France’s Normandy region.”

In church, we took a moment to remember in prayer the brave soldiers who stormed those beaches three generations ago, as well as all past and current military, law enforcement and first responders. After church, we came home and saw an appalling headline: “Lincoln Project compares Antifa terrorists to D-Day heroes.”

This group claims Antifa is selflessly combating “the rise of right-wing fascism” by burning American cities, destroying small businesses and terrorizing innocent citizens. Apparently, the latest trend by our domestic terrorists is to pretend they’re fighting the good fight against a common enemy, just like the Allies fought against the powers of evil that were taking over the globe during World War II. Ergo, anything Antifa does (beat, loot, vandalize, burn, harass, murder) is a noble calling on par with banishing those evil forces, even though Antifa (and BLM and many of today’s SJWs) are directly and indirectly responsible for the jaw-dropping spike in blue-city crime over the last couple of years.

The Lincoln Project is not the only one to desecrate the memory of D-Day by comparing it to our current crop of snot-nosed domestic terrorists. Equal censure can be heaped upon the head of MSNBC broadcaster Brian Williams, who took his cue from the Lincoln Project during the June 6 edition of “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.” He ended his show with these damning words: “Who is Antifa? They stormed the beaches of Normandy, parachuted into the French countryside, and gave their lives to face down and fight back against fascism.”

Um, no. They didn’t. Not even close.

Don’t feed me the bulls**t that Antifa or BLM or any of today’s SJWs are in any way comparable to the Allied soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy or otherwise fought in World War II. I think I speak for many when I say these turds would never be capable of the kind of bravery it took to wade off those transport ships toward almost certain death – all in the interests of fighting back a vicious enemy bent on the destruction of the free world.

The current crop of Antifa would, pardon my language, soil themselves in fear if they were called to perform the same levels of selfless courage. It’s no wonder the WWII warriors were called the Greatest Generation. Can that moniker even remotely be applied to today’s Antifa and BLM and SJWs?

Let me make one thing clear: The Social Justice Warriors of today have far, FAR more in common with the rise of the Nazis than they do with the Allies who joined together to fight them.

Like the Nazis, today’s SJWs (including Antifa and BLM) are masters of projection. Projection is defined as “psychological defense mechanism in which individuals attribute characteristics they find unacceptable in themselves to another person.”

It’s worth noting how the Nazis rose to power. Agitators used lawful means to leverage a crisis and exploit past injustices to gain political power. During this process they delegitimized their political opponents, strengthened their own power and made it impossible for anyone to oppose them politically. Then they sought vengeance on their political enemies and declared that anyone who disagreed with them politically were dangerous enemies of the state.

Crucially, during this process they indoctrinated children through the public school system. “The undirected rage and energy of university-aged youths was harnessed against an ‘otherized’ and demonized racial scapegoat,” notes Wes Walker in a ClashDaily column. “Officials stood silent while cities burned and businesses were looted.”

The infamous Kristallnacht set the stage for subjugating the Jewish population, depriving them of their homes, business, and synagogues. We all know what happened next.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should.

Needless to say, rational people are excoriating the Lincoln Project in general and Brian Williams in particular over this comparison. “Brian Williams licks it right off the Lincoln Project’s bloody boots like the mewling little over-privileged whelp he is,” snarls Fred T at the Right Scoop. “None of the people at Lincoln Project served their country. Brian Williams never fought in any war, though he’s probably told people he has. And yet they go on air and smear the WARRIORS who fought one of the most incredible battles in human history as being the SAME THING as the snot-nosed punk kid black clad Starbucks vandalism hooligan domestic terror criminal enterprise that calls itself ‘Antifa.'”

M. Dowling at Independent Sentinel was equally horrified. “Williams played a Lincoln Project ad – the child pervert enablers – who took the literal definition of anti-fascism and equated Antifa to our soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy, took down Nazi machine gun nests, liberated concentration camps, and fearlessly fought against fascism. Brian Williams essentially ran an ad for Antifa that is despicable and ahistorical, raising Antifa morons to heroic status – people to be admired and revered.”

Dowling continues: “Antifa mobs are the fascists who want to take our freedoms, silence us, disarm us, take our wealth and accomplishments, tear down our Founding documents. They attack our police and our justice system. They’re idiots who tear down statues and burn buildings.”

In fact, this profane comparison between Antifa and Allied soldiers is so revolting, it leaves me sputtering. I cannot even conjure up enough filthy adjectives to describe Antifa without descending into four-letter profanity of the worst kind. Comparing Antifa to D-Day heroes is the closest thing to blasphemy outside the pages of the Good Book.

And yet none of this should surprise me. We’ve seen the left deify some horrible people and atrocious acts as if the perpetrators walk on water and the acts are “fiery but peaceful.”

Veterans versus Antifa. Which do you prefer? Which would you want living next door to you? Which would you want at your back during hard times? Which better defends the original intent of the United States of America?

America had better decide. Quickly.

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