Congresswoman demands answers on trans insanity from Biden's HHS secretary

Xavier Becerra (Video screenshot)
Xavier Becerra (Video screenshot)

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., confronted Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services chief, Xavier Becerra, with some questions that clearly were uncomfortable for him during a recent congressional hearing.

Like, what is a man and can he get pregnant? And what about those body-mutilating surgeries for children who are advised by counselors that they are transgender? And are tax dollars being used to fund amputations of healthy body parts of children?

He refused to answer.

“This is absolutely disgusting,” responded Boebert. “This is not only repulsive but it’s child abuse.”

She continued, “It’s a sad day in America when the secretary of HHS uses his position of influence to promote gruesome gender assignment surgeries on children.”

Boebert described Bacerra’s failure to protect children and parental rights as “pathetic,” and asked him about parents “who don’t want to mutilate their children – if they are at risk of having their children removed from their home.”

“He didn’t have an answer,” Boebert noted.

The hearing ended, but Boebert’s insistence on answers has not.

The Washington Examiner now confirms she’s fired off a “pointed three-page query” to Becerra “regarding his stance on transgender medical care, particularly for children.”

She had been outraged during the hearing to find out the federal government “supports” body mutilating gender reassignment surgeries for children.

“You, sir,” Boebert wrote to Bacerra, “are first and foremost a public servant and the American people deserve to know what their government is spending federal monies on. Instead of attempting to answer my questions in good faith, you danced around them and refused to directly answer them. This might be cute in some circles, but the American people are not amused.”

Boebert asked, too, if Becerra believes men could get pregnant, how he determines whether someone is a man or woman, and whether doctors who refuse to treat transgender patients could run afoul of the law.

“Will you be issuing regulations providing clear and robust protections — as multiple courts have ruled are required — to doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and hospitals whose deeply held religious beliefs prevent them from providing experimental gender transition treatments?” she asked.

He was given 15 days to answer.

Studies have confirmed that transgender patients attempt suicide at a rate many times higher than the general population. They also reveal that if just left alone, those who experience gender dysphoria early in life resolve themselves happily to live in their birth gender about 80% of the time.

The Examiner noted that its own four-part series on the topic of teenage transgenderism included interviews with “young women who de-transitioned and now face a lifetime of pain and medical problems related to surgeries and cross-sex hormones.”

“European countries such as Sweden and Denmark have outlawed transgender treatments for minors because of the health risks. This came after a study, which was released last year and spanned nearly 50 years of research, found 4,600 transgender people who showed a 50% mortality rate,” the report said.

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