Court reverses, gives Christian fired for questioning transgenderism right to appeal

A Christian school worker who was fired from her school after she expressed on Facebook social media pages her concerns about teaching transgenderism at her son’s Church of England primary school has been given the right to appeal her case.

Judges earlier claimed that her dismissal was because school officials serious thought she had done something wrong.

But a report at Christian Concern has confirmed that Judge Tayler, of the Employment Appeal Tribunal in London, has granted Kristie Higgs, 51, permission to appeal her punishment.

In September 2020, Higgs, supported by the Christian Legal Center, had challenged her employer, Farmor’s School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, over the dismissal, alleging discrimination and harassment of her for her Christian beliefs.

She had worked for seven years as pastoral assistant there, but was dismissed last year after sharing a petition against the extension of relationship and sex education on her private Facebook case.

She had been targeted by an anonymous complaint that charged she was “prejudiced” and dismissed and a tribunal that affirmed that.

However, Tayler has ruled that can be questioned.

“This appeal potentially raises important issues on the approach to be adopted by the tribunals to manifestation and expression of beliefs,” the judge said.

A lawyer representing Higgs said, “It is not transphobic to have doubts about gender reassignment for children.”

Tayler previously had ruled in the Maya Forstater case, stating that her skepticism about transgenderism was not “worthy of respect in a democratic society.”

However, he was quickly overturned in that case.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Center, said: “The story of Kristie Higgs should concern all of us who care about the freedom to be a Christian believer in the UK. We are pleased the judge has granted permission to appeal this crucial case.”

Higgs had expressed concern about the school’s strategy to teach “LGBT relationships to young children.”

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