COVID: Will it be a 'Great Reckoning' for Big Pharma?

I admit to being a fan of against-all-odds lawyer shows, and one of my new favorites is Billy Bob Thornton’s four-season series “Goliath.” Each season pits the eccentric super-lawyer Billy McBride (Thornton) and his team of charmingly odd-ball assistants against a deeply corrupt and seemingly untouchable “Goliath.” In the series-ending fourth season, the Goliath is Big Pharma, which (spoiler alert) faces a righteous reckoning. I highly recommend it (foul language and vulgarities aside) and am surprised that it was ever allowed to air, even as a work of fiction.

In real life the freedom- and virtue-loving people of the world have been awakened to the reality that Big Pharma is probably the most evil and powerful of the separate oligarchical crime syndicates that rule over us like the infamous Five Families of the American Mafia. The curtain was pulled back just far enough in 2020 and ’21 for us all to watch Big Tech, Big Media, Big Government and Big Business each kiss the ring of Don Pharma (represented by the forked-tongue figurehead/flak Anthony Fauci) and then deploy all their resources in his service.

We’ve seen how Don Pharma so completely controls our medical industry that only a small percentage of doctors dare to defy it, and virtually our entire national network of hospitals has chosen cash-incentivized complicity over client health and safety at the cost of many thousands of human lives. We’ve seen the other four crime families assist and defer to the Don’s agenda over and over again.

But, no dictatorial tyrant or tyrannical cabal is ever safe for long from an enslaved people once their anger and resentment have matured into steely resolve. The all-powerful French monarchy learned that lesson, as did first the Russian tzars and then their Soviet Communist successors.

Many are now predicting a similar reckoning is in store for these criminals against humanity, with the greatest fury directed against Don Pharma.

I personally still half expect the elites to orchestrate a “Great Collapse” of the global economy sometime during the next three months to break all remaining resistance to a follow-on “Great Reset” in the spring – which in spiritual terms could represent the launch (or pre-launch) of the prophesied Antichrist Kingdom and in cultural/political terms would represent the end of human liberty pending the Second Coming of Christ and His Millennial Kingdom.

However, the other half of me is a fellow aspiring revolutionist who has created both my own clergy-oriented Black Robed Regiment backed by an update of the Declaration of Independence as well as a framework for a grassroots MAGA action network called Swamp Rangers.

Should the revolutionist half of me be correct and we see a patriotic “Great Reckoning,” I offer the following strategic goals/focal points tailored to each of the Five Families. All of these suggestions assume that a “Great Reckoning” would be the fruit of a genuine revolution amounting to our own “Great Reset back to a true Constitutional Republic” –with revolutionary leaders holding the power to selectively roll back “progressive” laws and policies enacted over the past century, add new safeguards to protect the nation from reinfection with Marxism and conduct the equivalent of a Nuremberg Trial to hold the election fraud and plandemic culprits accountable.

Big Pharma
1. Appoint Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head a Vaccine Truth Commission to bring all the facts to the public; 2) Open the vault of research and data on vaccine safety to independent scientists – which Fauci has kept sealed and locked to protect his masters (something RFK Jr. says he talked about with President Trump); 3) Retroactively strip immunity from drug-makers and aggressively prosecute every culprit criminally and civilly in states that enforce capital punishment.

Big Media
1) Legally define the difference between news and opinion journalism and require a reasonably equivalent balance of opposing facts, views and sources to qualify public information as “news”; 2) Ban public funding of all opinion journalism outlets that do not maintain a policy requiring balanced views measured by equal time, placement and a reasonable equivalence of authoritativeness on issues in controversy; 3) Change defamation laws in all jurisdictions to add “False Light” (i.e. deliberate misrepresentation) as a basis for litigation over news coverage and fortify this cause of action with more teeth and a broader reach (so that organizations and not just individuals can use it).

Big Tech
1) Repeal Section 230; 2) Retroactively strip tech companies of criminal and civil immunity for any censorship actions legally proven to have been taken in cooperation with government officials to circumvent constitutional restrictions on government; 3) Make the internet a public utility subject to public control and constitutional restrictions.

Big Business
1) Establish a policy of strict political neutrality in public controversies as a prerequisite for corporations receiving government contracts or financial/economic assistance, including tax-incentives; 2) Eliminate the big-business advantage over small business by promoting graduated commercial tax policies that favor locally-owned companies; 3) Create an Internet-based, open-source, fully transparent citizen oversight system for all business lobbying of government officials.

Big Government
Revive the common law legal doctrine of malfeasance, and facilitate the criminal and civil prosecution of government officials who serve special interests at the expense of the pubic.

In the event we don’t suffer a “Great Collapse,” I’ll be personally involved in pushing for a “Great Reckoning” in 2022 through my Revolutionary Remnant Regiment and Swamp Rangers. I invite you to join me.

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