D.C. Bar's 'jihad' against conservative lawyers

The radical, oppressive left is not relegated to college campuses, the media, or Congress. They have no boundaries and have, like snakes, also slithered their way into corporate America, sports leagues, banks, credit unions, major retail outlets (just ask MyPillow founder Mike Lindell) and professional institutions that can silence conservatives far more effectively than can a Silicon Valley tech conglomerate.

The most recent example stems from the District of Columbia Bar’s disciplinary arm, a radical far-left organization, like virtually everything else in the swamp, that is using its influence to silence and destroy conservative lawyers who would defend President Trump or any citizen who is maligned by dictatorial government and its minions, such as Big Tech. It is no surprise that the Bar’s leadership are major donors to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other leftist Democrats!

In the past I was one of their principal targets, and this continues on to the present as I ramp up opposition to the Biden-Harris regime. But today, D.C. Bar officials and their equally leftist prosecutors in the Office of Bar Disciplinary Counsel (ODC), run by the equally leftist political hack Hamilton Fox, are trying to disbar anyone who defended or even supported President Trump – Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, Rudy Giuliani and Kellyanne Conway, among others.

Here is how these leftist tyrants work. Anyone who represents conservative interests can receive a threat of disbarment – the worse punishment a lawyer could receive. The threat alone is enough to make many lawyers, and especially law firms, much less likely to advocate for conservative clients, thereby silencing your voice and your rightful legal opposition to a total leftist takeover of our nation. Why do you think nearly all of Trump’s lawyers have quit representing him?

The vile and despicable leftists that control the D.C. Bar’s disciplinary apparatus see people like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, both former Supreme Court law clerks and now U.S. senators, as troublemakers against the leftist agenda and want to exert their influence to silence them. Quite frankly, they see conservative lawyers standing up for the average citizen, exposing the truth, and that scares their comrades in the Biden administration.

The D.C. Bar’s disciplinary apparatus has a proven history of targeting anyone who stands against their far-left politics and protects those who support their agenda.

All the prior presidents and other former prosecutors of the D.C. Bar signed a complaint that seeks to disbar former Attorney General Bill Barr for withdrawing the indictment of Gen. Michael Flynn and remarks he made on Fox News.

They looked the other way when Hillary Clinton’s lawyer David Kendall allegedly helped her destroy over 33,000 incriminating emails concerning Benghazi and other Clinton scandals. A complaint filed by conservative lawyer Ty Clevenger was summarily throwing in the trash by D.C. Bar prosecutors, without giving it even a minute of consideration!

The D.C. Bar’s disciplinary apparatus include socialists and a communist, Michael Tigar, an attorney and law professor famed investigative journalist Bob Woodward details in his book “The Brethren” as being fired from his position as a clerk to Supreme Court Justice William Brennan for Tigar’s communist ties to Cuba’s Castro brothers. Not coincidentally, his similarly radical Berkeley trained lawyer and now federal judge son, Jon Tigar, was the jurist in Oakland, California, federal court who blocked President Trump’s immigration policy for illegal aliens seeking asylum. Birds of a feather stick together, particularly when they are father and son and Berkeley law grads! And, Michael Tigar and his Berkeley law friends intervened in a case before the 9th Circuit to try to eliminate the pardon my client Sheriff Joe Arpaio had received from President Trump.

Incredibly, the chairman of the Board of Professional Responsibility, Mathew Kaiser, who is the head of the D.C. Bar’s disciplinary apparatus, has proudly written columns, tellingly for a leftist publication, “Above the Law,” in support of Hillary Clinton’s “honesty” and trashing the “dishonesty” of President Trump.

And Kaiser has steadfastly refused to police the unethical actions of leftist prosecutors in the ODC, run by Fox, claiming falsely that they have absolute immunity to do as they please, which would logically include destroying the legal advocacy of conservative lawyers by attempting to have them disbarred.

People like Tigar, Kaiser and Fox are sitting in judgment of and persecuting conservative pro-Trump lawyers at the D.C. Bar. That’s why Freedom Watch needs your help to nullify their influence and take legal actions to rein in the most powerful, but corrupted, bar association in America.

In sum, the D.C. Bar threatens to take the law license and livelihood of lawyers who oppose its leftist doctrine, and that is how the left will cancel your voice going forward, unless we have the resources to fight back.

When Big Tech, an out-of-control Congress and radical leftists threaten your rights, few lawyers will be willing to stand up for you – that’s where Freedom Watch shines our light.

Just last month, I sued Amazon, Google and Facebook for shutting Parler down. I am also representing Laura Loomer in her Supreme Court case against Big Tech. In the past, I took on the Clintons, the Obamas, and even the National Security Agency for secretly surveilling American citizens. You know my track record, and I will not stop now opposing radical leftist who are in the process of destroying not just everything President Trump accomplished, but our entire American way of life bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers.

Freedom Watch is in the courts and is fighting for you to shine a light on and remedy these injustices, to preserve freedom. We need you to stand with us. Can we count on you today? Go to www.freedomwatchusa.org and sign up for our Justice League. And read my book “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!” Also listen to my radio show this week and today’s podcast, embedded below, and rise up to help save the nation before all is permanently lost.

The message of the D.C. Bar and it’s leftist comrades is clear: If you dare to stand against our total socialist if not communist takeover of the nation, we will take everything away from you, including your license to practice law. The left plays for keeps, but so do I!

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