Dark forces are gaining – will you stand and 'do exploits'?

By John Dyslin

As we hurtle into the dark tempest of the coming days, let’s take stock for a moment of where we are.

Whether we consider America’s ongoing provocation of two nuclear states, the unbridled appetite for prenatal infanticide, our adversaries’ ceaseless pursuit of our unalienable self-defense rights, or the pervasive deceit from legacy press, it is as if every pillar of society is being torn down before our very eyes.

“But you failed to mention the mask tyranny,” you might think to yourself. “and the closures … and the experimental mutagenic injections …” Onward your mind might wander to the economic destruction for a society-destroying “green” agenda, the queering of our children, the transgendering of the military, the weaponization of social media … and on it goes.

Pretty clearly, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Results denote design

At first glance, these challenges appear as disconnected elements of calamity.

The older I get, however, the less I believe in coincidences. Is it really believable to think that all these different facets of society would go careening off the rails at the same time? Or is their devolution instead the result of intelligent, diabolical design?

Consider for a moment the top known echelons of control over various societal pillars – Big Pharma, the military, politics, Big Tech, etc.

  • Only two fund management companies – BlackRock and Vanguard – represent tens of trillions of dollars of ownership positions in every Fortune 500 company;
  • Effectively, all major industries – from pharma and retail to food production, tech and entertainment – have been dramatically concentrated with controlling power centered within a handful of companies each;
  • Half a dozen media conglomerates control over 90% of all U.S. legacy media outlets;
  • The top five banks hold majority banking, credit card servicing, lending and other money service market share, and therefore control over these top industry players; and
  • The FAANG giants of Big Tech – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google – each hold market-dominating, controlling market shares – in multiple markets. (And yes, they want to suck you dry.)

So, what might appear as disparate sources of chaos are in actuality only a couple of degrees of separation away from one another as a result of ever-concentrating market share, power and interlocking authority.

The results themselves point to intelligent design. If it were sheer incompetence, or uncoordinated change, then some substantial minority of societal changes would randomly benefit our nation or mitigate the march to madness. But they don’t. They all point forward to the cliff beyond which lies ruin – which means they all simultaneously point backward toward a malevolent hand (or small set of hands) that is, by its every action, utterly opposed to humanity itself.

Design connotes intent

When you look at a device – say, a bicycle – after a few moments’ consideration, you probably determine, Oh, this is for riding on, so you can go faster and farther. (Some might err and suppose it a large cheese shredder, but work with me here.)

When you look at this societal “device” – a gigantic, churning, morphing behemoth – by looking at its results, and examining its countless, metastasizing tentacles, it doesn’t take long to determine the intent of the controlling, malevolent hand and its Quisling minions.

They are enemies – to our liberties, to our nation, to our families, to our future.

They are enemies to humanity … and they want us all dead.

Tyranny of the impotent

And yet we remain. How could that be?

“They” might want total destruction – but wanting isn’t getting. And yes, they might hold a seemingly insurmountable hand of cards, but appearances are not reality.

The 135th Psalm describes idols – today’s money, and sexual perversions, and drugs, and reprobate lifestyles – as having mouths, but not speaking; as having eyes, but not seeing; as having ears, but not hearing; as having no breath (or life) in them at all. The psalmist then declares, “They who craft [the idols] are as the idols are, as are they who trust in them.”

For all the power, planning, money, position and scheming our adversaries possess, they are as impotent as the worthless idols they worship. They may make a mess, but when push comes to shove they’re as smoke on the wind – and their day of reckoning is coming.

A Time to Stand

In the book “A Time to Stand,” Walter Lord details the origins, character and untimely end of the Texicans who fought against Santa Ana at The Alamo.

Detractors might claim the heroes of The Alamo were routed. Yet their heroic sacrifice, magnified by Col. William Barret Travis’ epic letter seeking reinforcements, sparked the fire that led to Texas’ independence.

In answering the call to defend liberty, they fell – but their heroism echoes through the ages.

Clearly, all who love liberty are being called to awaken from our slumber; to engage in resisting the encroaching long, dark night our enemies desire.

I recently completed a book entitled, “Nehemiah Strong.” (Visit johndyslin.com for more information, and use “WND1” for a 10% discount.) It’s a 480-page field manual equipping patriots and believers to stand, occupy and overcome in this hour of trial. As I wrote these last two years, I strove to balance equipping readers with practical advice with exhorting them to be strong in the fight – and in the Power of His might (Ephesians 6:10).

How severely this fight will test us remains to be seen. Regardless, remember the prophetic call of the prophet Daniel from 26 centuries ago. In describing the saints of this late hour, Daniel marveled, “but they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits” [my emphasis] – chazaq asah in the Hebrew.

Are you awake? Will you stand? Will you “be strong and do exploits”?

To all who stir at the challenge of the encroaching darkness, I exhort you:

Wake up. Stand. Be strong and do exploits.

John Dyslin is the author of “Nehemiah Strong: Life-Sustaining Essentials for a Season of Trial.”

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