Darrell Brooks: Black supremacist and domestic terrorist

The Nov. 21 Waukesha, Wisconsin, massacre claiming the lives of victims in what, until just moments before, was the joyous occasion of a Christmas parade, must be called for what it really was, with the factors influencing it recognized.

The act of the man driving an SUV, breaking through barricades set up along the parade route, approaching participants from behind, running them over, killing six (including one child) and injuring 62 others (including eight children) was domestic terrorism. It was one undertaken by criminal Darrell Brooks, 39, who, based upon his previous actions and support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) plus other black nationalist and violent black extremist causes, clearly identified as an anti-white racist.

While police claim, despite mowing down his victims intentionally, it was not a terrorist act, the fact Brooks did not know the victims and was motivated by deep racial hatred strongly suggests otherwise. Even left-leaning actress Debra Messing criticized the liberal media’s downplaying of the incident as a “crash,” trying to minimize any suggestion it was domestic terrorism. Unbelievably, The Washington Post went so far as to blame the vehicle Brooks was driving rather than the driver.

A “perfect storm” occurs when a combination of adverse meteorological factors come together to create a particularly violent storm. Brooks’ actions that evening as well as leftist acts afterward represent the culmination of a perfect storm of liberal adverse factors all coming together, allowing this terrorist act to occur and to be minimized, ignoring it for what it really was.

Moments after the attack, an example as to how liberal ideology has seeped into our thinking was reflected in reports meant to identify and help locate the perpetrator. Initially, Brooks was described as a black male with dreadlocks. To track down a suspect who has just committed a horrendous crime, obviously the more detailed description given, the better the chances of a quick capture. Yet, in reporting the incident to a local television station, a man’s assertion that the perpetrator was a black man with dreadlocks was deleted.

If a black suspect is involved in a crime, liberal thinking seeks to avoid describing him as such, allegedly fearing police will then approach all black males as suspects. Thus, the pool of suspects in the manhunt for Brooks theoretically expanded (based on America’s racial composition of a 12.6% black and a 62% white population) fivefold, purely for reasons of wokeness.

But in this instance, Brooks’ blackness and anti-white extremism created a problem liberals sought to avoid – i.e., if systemic racism really does exist, Brooks becomes the logical poster child for arguing it cuts both ways. One could even argue, since Brooks approached his victims from behind making it difficult to identify their race, so deeply ingrained was his hatred for whites, it mattered not if blacks became collateral damage. Feeding further into this hatred was the fact that Brooks, in a post-attack interview, had no remorse for his actions, instead complaining he was being “dehumanized” as a “monster.”

With a 50-page criminal record, having been in trouble for incidents ranging from domestic violence, weapons violations and a child sex offense, it would be difficult to find any social redeeming value Brooks possesses. The fact his own mother has not bothered to visit him in jail suggests she may well feel the same way. In a statement she released, she failed to accept any responsibility for her son’s life of crime or to offer any condolences for the lost lives in Waukesha, not hesitating, however, to blame the state’s criminal justice system for failing her son.

The liberals’ clarion call over the past few years has been to claim that numerous words and actions, often innocently undertaken by whites, exist as examples of systemic racism. But, in the Waukesha massacre, any suggestion that Brooks’ actions were racist would not promote liberals’ anti-white agenda.

In addition to a leftist media spinning details as they did above and the woke mindset of failing to provide an accurate description of Brooks out of racial concerns, other ideological adverse factors giving rise to the perfect liberal storm that hit Waukesha Nov. 21 include:

1. The hand of liberal billionaire George Soros was involved by creating a lax criminal justice system. Brooks should not have been walking the streets of the city, let alone driving on them. He was a convicted criminal being held on new charges after running the mother of his child over days earlier. He had posted threats online to run others over. Yet, thanks to the efforts of progressive Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, who came to office through the funding efforts of George Soros, Brooks was free after making a ridiculously low bail of $1,000. Chisholm is on record as saying he refuses to process felony cases and, as if dismissing innocent victims as collateral damage, even predicted his bail reform would one day get someone killed. Only after the attack did Chisholm’s office admit, based on pending charges, Brooks’ bail was “inappropriately low.” Soros is not only linked to Chishom but to other DAs across the country who have contributed to the rise in crime in their cities.

2. Liberals’ support of Critical Race Theory (CRT), focusing on fanning the flames of racial division, was a factor. We are living in a time when the civil rights movement has made a directional course change, away from reaching equality and toward re-opening the racial wounds of long ago. To suggest that all whites are born with a feeling of superiority over blacks, as CRT does, and to promote that message throughout society, starting in our schools, does nothing to bridge the racial divide. As in Brooks’ case and many others, it only inflames their anger against whites, causing them to take retaliatory measures.

3. A tone-deaf state Democratic Party official further inflamed racial tensions by suggesting Brooks’ act was one of karma due to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. With the Waukesha attack coming in the aftermath of Rittenhouse’s acquittal for murder – an event involving an all-white lineup which had liberals jumping on the verdict as an example of a two-tier justice system – Illinois Democratic official Mary Lemanski ridiculously claimed “karma” was paying Wisconsin residents back. Why even make such an outrageous claim unless it is just a liberal ploy to stir up racial tensions? She later resigned.

Brooks was simply a terrorist looking for a place to strike. He was an unguided black supremacist in need of direction – ultimately provided by the convergence of various factors of adverse liberal thinking.

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