David Jeremiah: 'Your doorstep' is start of globe-wide evangelism

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Christian evangelism is very different these days, in some ways.

Facebook wants all churches to set up online, after which the details that are shared on those pages could be monetized. By Facebook.

The prevailing Christian ethics on which America has become the world’s No. 1 power are being attacked by Democrats who insist taxpayers fund abortions.

The Supreme Court defied millennia of truth and said “marriage” now is for same-sex duos.

But David Jeremiah, senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California, and founder of Turning Point, says one thing is the same: That the Great Commission begins “at your doorstep.”

He explains in a Real Clear Religion column that millennia back, a silk merchant in China would have a journey of months to haul his goods to the Middle East or Europe.

Today, online markets make that a matter of minutes.

“The same is true for spiritual enterprises. With the help of the internet, fulfilling the Great Commission – sharing the Gospel to all the nations of the earth – is much more feasible,” he said. “But, it is important to remember that, in neither case – commerce nor evangelism – has technology eliminated the human element. Behind every piece of merchandise is a person who had an idea, created a product, and brought it to a market. In the same way, behind every digital presentation of the Gospel is an individual Christian: one who lives in a home, a neighborhood, and a community.”

That means the global task Jesus gave His church, Jeremiah explained, of worldwide evangelism actually starts “in someone’s home.”

“Today, oikos evangelism is still the most likely, most convenient, and most natural way to spread the Gospel. It takes advantage of existing relationships and streams of communication, into which the elements of the Gospel can be dropped and then spread,” he explained.

“Once we grasp the idea that our global mission begins with our home and family, we can take the short step out the front door to our neighborhood and community. We might not be able to travel halfway around the world to impact another nation for Christ, but we can certainly impact our own city.

“Yes, the Great Commission is a global task. But it begins at home in our own household, our neighborhood, and our community. In other words, lifestyle evangelism — a lifestyle of revealing Christ in us — can become a beacon of hope for those in our corner of the large world,” he wrote.

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