Democratic leaders, staying silent is hardly 'defending' Israel

In the aftermath of the most recent Israeli/Palestinian hostilities and anti-Semitic attacks against Israel for inflicting disproportionate casualties compared to what it suffered, an Islamic hadith (a recollection of a statement or action by the Prophet Muhammad during his lifetime) comes to mind: “The Jews will fight with you, and you will be given victory over them so that a stone will say, ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew behind me; kill him.'”

Although Hamas was not victorious in the latest round of fighting and no reports of “talking” stones in the Middle East have surfaced, there has been some hiding-behind-the-stones activity. But, as per the hadith, it has not been Jews seeking refuge there but their supposed Democratic Party defenders.

Disproportionate casualty numbers typically occurring during Israeli/Palestinian hostilities are attributable to a simple principle: Israelis value life, doing everything to protect their citizens; Hamas, not valuing it, does nothing to protect its citizenry, purposely leaving them exposed and even placing military assets in close proximity to encourage higher Palestinian losses. It is a sad reality, but Hamas primarily looks to inflict damage on Israel by getting the world community to blame it for a high Palestinian body count.

Typical terrorist-supporting Democrats like Muslims Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashid Tlaib will always criticize Israel. While they deny Israel the right of self-defense against unprovoked attacks, 72 countries supported the Jewish state. But the utter silence among Democrats standing up to defend Israel is deafening. As anti-Semitic vitriol runs rampant and physical attacks upon U.S. Jews increase, those hiding in the stone’s shadow fail to voice concerns.

The Democratic Party’s lack of support for Israel is also evidenced both by it blocking a Republican bill to impose sanctions upon foreign entities providing financial assistance to Hamas and also rejecting a measure to help fund Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. Senate Republicans, introducing a resolution to condemn anti-Semitism and denounce language from House Democrats, will not fare much better.

New York City has witnessed numerous anti=Semitic acts. Former Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat, explains just how bad it is: “Jews are being beaten up. … Jewish blood is running on the streets. … People being intimidated … assaulted … ending up in the hospital by those who are filled with venom and hate. … And our political leadership is missing in action. They are simply cowards. … Where is [de Blasio]? Where is [Cuomo]? Where is [Schumer]? Where is [Nadler]?”

Hikind castigates Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., once claiming to be a “guardian for Israel” for “not protecting anybody but himself.” Schumer, long considered one of the strongest defenders of Israel on Capitol Hill, seems to be holding back for purely selfish political reasons.

“Where is the ‘tough guy’? Gov. Cuomo? You can’t find him, either. … Under what rock is he hiding?” asked Hikind.

These are pretty strong words from a fellow Democrat.

Some progressive Democrats have feigned defending Jews. Fearing they might lose support, instead of singularly condemning anti-Semitic attacks, they decided to denounce “Islamophobia” as well. This “defense” denigrates Jews by including their attackers, namely Palestinians, who are not being victimized themselves in the U.S.

Over the past many months, despite hearing about hate crimes against black and Asian Americans, their tallies pale in comparison to those against Jews. Yet, while a new record has been set for Jewish hate crimes in the aftermath of Israeli/Palestinian hostilities, it still fails to draw the attention hate crimes against other groups did. Is this a matter of the squeaky wheel getting the oil or one of anti-Semitism?

Liberals who misguidedly harp on systemic racism by whites would do well to examine systemic racism against Jews. (As a matter of both law and custom in the U.S. and Israel, Jews are both a race and a religion.) Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, we are discovering a media supposedly providing independent reporting on Middle East matters, is not.

Of concern too are the one-sided demands President Joe Biden made on Israel for the cease-fire, incorporating most of what Hamas wanted. This ignores both our relationship with Israel as an ally and any effort even to act independently. Included was a demand Israel no longer celebrate Jerusalem Flag Day while little was demanded of Hamas.

Few Americans understand how hostilities started and what may have been Hamas’ real objective. While massive Hamas rocket attacks started May 10, for weeks prior it had goaded Israel, sending incendiary balloons into the country, initiating riots, attacking Jewish civilians, etc. While the two issues below were cited as triggering the May 10 attack, further analysis suggests the attack was all part of a Palestinian plan to divert attention from postponing long overdue elections:

  • Eviction of some Palestinians in Sheik Jarrah where, for decades, they squatted on Jewish-owned properties, refusing to pay restitution, and were finally evicted by court order.
  • Heightened tensions on the Temple Mount (open to both Muslims and Jews), where Muslims regularly attack Jews, seeking to further diminish Jewish rights.

The Muslim Brotherhood, banned in many Arab states and a “parent” organization of Hamas, recognizing that Democrats’ silent defense of Israel translates into Hamas support, has thanked them for it.

Hamas is committed to Israel’s destruction. Nonetheless, Biden notified Congress he will, ridiculously, provide $10 million to Palestinian groups supporting exchange and reconciliation projects with Israelis. It is part of more than $100 million allocated to the Palestinians by Biden. There should be little doubt where most of that money will end up.

A naive Biden administration, rather than draining the Palestinians of the financial wherewithal to continue buying weapons to initiate future conflicts with Israel as President Donald Trump was doing, will continue funding Palestinian hatred and the weapons with which to manifest it. The Quran, the hadiths and the Hamas charter (joined now by Black Lives Matter) are calling for Israel’s destruction, making clear a Middle East peace is impossible. Recognizing this, Democrats need to stop hiding in the shadows of stones and stand up to defend our Israeli ally.

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