Democratic Party: Created to subjugate – and nothing's changed

When I say the Democratic Party is the very personification of divisiveness, deprivation of God-given unalienable rights and subjugation, I speak the truth and I present facts to support the truth I speak.

The party has been same from its very first platform. The Democratic Party was founded upon hatred, racism and subjugation, practices that continue to this very moment under Biden – but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the very beginning and what the party represented.

A party platform is a document produced by a political party every four years (prior to each presidential election) that sets forth that party’s beliefs and values as well as its policy positions on important issues of the day. (“Democrats and Republicans: In Their Own Words – A 124 Year History of Major Civil Rights Efforts Based Upon a Side-by-Side Comparison of the Early Platforms of the Two Major Political Parties”)

The Democrats’ platform in 1840, 1844 and 1848 all read: “All efforts by abolitionists … to interfere with questions of slavery … are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences and … have an inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people and endanger the stability and permanency of the Union.”

The Democratic Party Platform in 1852 included this language: “The Democrat Party will resist all attempts at renewing – in Congress or out of it – the agitation of the slavery question [i.e., will oppose all efforts to abolish slavery].”

In the years preceding this platform, numerous occasions had arisen in Congress in which pro- slavery forces sought to extend slavery while anti-slavery forces sought to prohibit it. For example, in 1820, the Democratic Congress passed the Missouri Compromise. That law first repealed the provisions of the original 1789 anti-slavery law forbidding the extension of slavery into any federal territory, and then authorized the extension of slavery into new federal territories. Founding Fathers still alive at that time – including John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Rufus King – loudly denounced the Missouri Compromise and the expansion of slavery. Subsequently, John Quincy Adams and Daniel Webster became congressional leaders in opposing slavery while those such as John C. Calhoun fought aggressively to strengthen and expand it. This plank in the Democratic platform condemned the efforts of abolitionists such as John Quincy Adams (a member of Congress at that time, and titled the hell-hound of abolition for his efforts against slavery), asserting that the end of slavery would not only reduce the happiness of America but would also lead to its destruction.

This brings me to one of today’s most ghastly and hideously loathsome promoters of these objectives, which Democrats have pushed since their beginning. Said person is Nikole Hannah-Jones. Like others of her persuasion, she is a born liar and wholly committed to the bastardization of factual history for the express purposes of advancing a demonic agenda of discord, division and acrimony.

Jones doesn’t hide the fact that her so-called “1619 Project” is based wholly on lies. She tweeted: “The fight over the 1619 Project is not about [factual] history. It is about memory. I’ve always said that the 1619 Project is not a history. It is a work of journalism that explicitly seeks to challenge the national narrative and, therefore, the national memory. The project has always been as much about the present as it is the past.”

In other words, she admits to creating a fallacious construct for the purpose of creating dialogue debating fictional journalism that purposes at the end of the day to be recognized as truth based upon discussion of a falsehood.

An example would be that their kind are demanding the tearing down of statues of people who historically fought them on slavery. And yet today, thanks to “discussions” based upon lies, the factual truth that it was Democrats who yet today oppose freedom is obfuscated.

The pathetic excuses for professors fighting to have such outright lies and the fraudster who is responsible for inventing them to be granted full tenure proves the depth of their unworthiness in academia.

Again, Democrats were calumniators and pernicious anti-freedom progressives from their inception. They have always been about creating and maintaining discord. The fact that they have so thoroughly blinded crayon-color people to commit the destruction of their well-being and the abolishment of their freedom and dignity is proof of the evil and insidious machination of Satan.

If you have friends who are Democrat-progressives, take a good hard look at them. Ask yourself how easy it is to have cordial conversation unless you agree with them? Ask yourself how flexible and understanding they are of common-sense family issues?

It is time people stopped trying to have polite conversations and separate ourselves from them while there is still time before the Lord’s return. Democrats are minions of Satan, but the Republican Party of today differs only in approach, not desired outcome.

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