Democrats are brazenly anti-God — and anti-women

The Republican Party is dishonest, spineless and without question deceitful on every quantifiable level; but that notwithstanding, the Democratic Party is the most existential proof that evil exists, since the serpent entered the Garden.

The singular difference between the political constructs is: Republicans try to hide/deny they are wicked; while Democrats are brazenly unapologetic and demonstrative in making it clear their evil is without bottom. They are indeed the progeny of Satan. Following in the footprints of the devil himself, everything they represent is evil and anti-God. This is a fact that goes unaddressed. Even more condemnable is the fact that it goes unaddressed by the Christian church. But I digress.

The depth of Erebusic duplicity openly displayed by Democrats is beyond belief. They lie and embrace duplicitous double standards with impunity.

Chief of these is Andrew Cuomo. Reasonable persons can ask how it was possible for someone like him to attain office; he has not only retained his gubernatorial position in New York – he has strengthened it.

This is a feat that demands our attention. Cuomo is governor of the state in which Harvey Weinstein, the prince of Hollywood sexual predators, was prosecuted, found guilty and sentenced. New York is epicenter for the “Me Too” crowd that sprang to life reportedly to expose, resist and end the predatory sexual power of “wealthy and powerful white men whose credo is take your clothes off when I tell you, shut your mouth, and let me grab your private parts and rape you at my leisure.” At least that is what they claim.

Cuomo is a principle member of the “wealthy, powerful, white men club” Democrats and the “Me-Too’ers” have sworn to eradicate. Just ask Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In the cases of Justices Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump, Democrats and their lapdog media propagandists with united voice said women are at all times to be believed without question and without hesitation. Yet in the face of incontrovertible evidences from no fewer than eight highly credible women, the allegations against Cuomo go unmentioned. There are no calls for him to resign. The party that holds itself out as being pro-women is wrapped in a palpable cacophony of silence.

The same can be said for Hunter Biden and his father, Joe – the teetering sot who masquerades as a leader. In reality, being pro-women for Democrats means being pro-abortion and anti-anything that reflects the biblical standard for family and marriage. To wit, engaging in aberrant sexual behaviors makes one by definition deviant, which isn’t synonymous with the biblical standard of natural affection.

I wasn’t a fan of Mike Pence as vice president, as governor of Indiana nor as a congressman from Indiana. Pence’s support for Jimmy Carter when Pence was still a registered Democrat didn’t help. With that as a prefix, I point out the demonic double standard of Democrats, who attacked Mike Pence for refusing to meet alone with any woman. I respected that position, especially when Democrats and their purveyors of lies and agitprop, i.e., the media, wouldn’t hesitate to report any lie that could be used to attack Pence or any other congressman they hated.

But their standards of propriety and their condemnation of morals don’t extend to the likes of Biden’s so-called assistant secretary for health, Richard Levine. Levine is praised for being a transgendered whatever. In reality he is a selfish individual suffering from a mental illness that has him convinced he’s a woman. This motivated him to abandon his natural family and seek an environment where his sexual dysphoria perversion could be openly practiced – the only requirement being that he convince people to call him Rachel.

Specific to that is more evidence of the depth of Democrats’ embracing of anti-God agendas. They use threat of law to assure someone like Richard Levine be referred to as a “she” and called by his assumed female name.

There’s no scenario in the Word of God that instructs the righteous of God to practice the lies of Satan because they’re threatened and/or bullied.

Democrats are anti-women, openly refusing to protect women from rabid sexual predators within their party – predators such as Bill Clinton and if rumors are to believed John Kerry as well. They’re openly anti-family, anti-biblically based relationships, and openly anti-God.

In Scripture, God places a high premium on family, just as He does godly women. But Democrats are shamelessly and openly committed to the destruction of the biblical family order. They devalue godly women; they advocate the inculcation of sexual deviancy, specifically as it pertains to the undermining of God’s addressment for men.

And just as they did with forced segregation and the weaponization of the Ku Klux Klan in the Jim Crow South, Democrats seize power and immediately pass draconian laws as a way to punish and make examples of anyone refusing to reject God and obey their edicts. Their media harlots do the rest by publishing erroneous reports around the clock.

What Christendom must understand is that this was prophesied millennium ago. That we’re witnessing it today is proof of the factualness of God’s Word. The problem is, many Christians have bought the lie that they must select supporting Democrats or Republicans. Therein lies the heresy of the modern church.

We aren’t called to choose between two evils. Christendom is instructed to obey the Word of God. A fact that escapes those who talk about the bible, but who in reality have placed their trust in man not singularly and exclusively in God and His Word.

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