Democrats flip-flop on COVID as midterms approach

Democrats running in congressional and gubernatorial races this year are abandoning Joe Biden’s agenda to “shut down” the China virus in favor of American demands to “get on with their lives,” explains a new report from Just the News.

They are lifting significant COVID-19 restrictions and encouraging a resumption of life, which, the report said, is “the same approach, long embraced by [GOP] states.”

For example, Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker both said this week they are ending demands for face masks in most indoor public settings, except schools.

And other states led by Democrats, including Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Oregon, and California, have announced plans to lift indoor mask requirements, including plans in most of those states to no longer demand kids wear masks in schools.

While Biden’s insistence that he would defeat the virus was a mainstay of his election campaign, the push now appears to be to contain it.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, revealed the switch this week, claiming, “We are moving toward a time when COVID won’t disrupt our daily lives, a time when COVID won’t be a constant crisis.”

She said, “We are internally discussing, of course, what it looks like to be in the phase of the fight against the COVID pandemic where it is not disrupting everyone’s daily lives, where people are moving on and living, lives free of, hopefully, masks at some point and many of the restrictions that we’ve all been living through over the past two years.”

It was Politico that reported Biden is making the switch to try to boost his collapsed approval ratings and give Democrats a better chance for re-election in November – as Americans face soaring inflation and are enduring disasters such as the Afghanistan pullout and the crisis Biden created at the southern border by killing President Trump’s security measures.

His legislative plans to spend trillions of dollars on social and green programs, and to take over all elections nationally, also have run into so-far insurmountable obstacles in Congress.

A recent poll found that 7 in 10 respondents agreed with: “COVID is here to stay and we just need to get on with our lives,” which is a message multiple Republican governors already had adopted long ago.

Just the News said the problem for Democrats may be to “explain to Americans why it’s fine for them to return to normal now after two years of Biden and other Democrats advocating strict pandemic restrictions.”

It’s been a common event, of course, for top Democrats to be caught not masking when they are in situations where they insist others should be masked, the report noted.

“Nonetheless, Biden and Democrats are crediting themselves for ending the pandemic while beginning to look to policies implemented by [GOP] states as early as the summer of 2020,” the report explained.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, a New York Democrat, jumped on the agenda early, with a social media statement this week: “Democrats’ plan to fight COVID is working — cases are down & vaccines are widely available. Now, it’s time to give people their lives back. With science as our guide, we’re ready to start getting back to normal.”

Another Democrat from New York, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, added: “Well, here’s where we are in America: Job creation is up, wages are up, unemployment is down, and the omicron variant is in retreat. And that’s not by accident. That’s because, under President Biden’s leadership, a public health infrastructure was put into place beginning with the American Rescue Plan without a single Republican vote, to ensure that we can do everything possible to crush the virus, and that is what has been happening.”

It was President Trump who had pointed out to Biden during the campaign that Americans should get on with their lives, making adjustments for COVID.

Just the News pointed out that Biden, at that time, had blasted that perspective with, “We’re not learning to live with — we’re learning to die with it.”

Democratic governors adopted the rhetoric and insisted on lockdowns continuing for extended times while Republicans worked to reopen their states.

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