Democrats once again exploit media hype to violate Constitution

Once again, Democrats are attempting to use media hype about a single incident in Boulder, Colorado, to justify curbing the ownership and use of guns. The FBI was aware of the shooter long before the incident and did nothing. If liberals really wanted to stop that type of mass shooting, they would concentrate on the fact that the shooter was an anti-Christian Muslim and figure out how to keep violent Muslims out of the United States.

Democrats are using the biased-media, anti-gun hype to justify violating the Constitution just as they used the COVID hype to justify unconstitutional 2020 election fraud and irregularities. The president cannot issue executive orders that infringe on gun ownership anymore than governors can change voting procedures without legislative approval. despite the reluctance of the Supreme Court to render a ruling on the issue.

The attempt to ban AR-style weapons is the next step in banning all guns. The attempt to ban clips that hold more than 10 bullets affects more than just AR-style weapons. And it limits the ability to defend oneself.

Let’s be clear:

  1. The previous 10-year federal “assault weapons” ban, in place from 1994 to 2004, had no discernible effect whatsoever on gun crime.
  2. The Second Amendment to the Constitution states that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”
  3. Ownership of guns is also for self-defense, not just for sport and hunting.

In 2020, there were 611 mass shootings of four or more people. Even by scaling down the definition to four or more, those shootings accounted for less than 5% of all deaths from guns. There were 19,379 gun deaths due to violence, 24,090 were gun suicides. More than 95% of all gun-related deaths were by hand guns. Nearly 90% of the 611 mass shootings were done with hand guns or hand-gun equivalents. AR-style weapons is not the issue.

There are an estimated 400 million guns in the United States. About 40% of adult Americans own a gun or live with someone who does, according to recent surveys. About 67% of gun owners say protection is the reason they own a gun.

So, how much do you actually know about guns? And what guns would you choose for protection?

If bad guys invade your home or accost you on the street or at a park, how long will it take to get help from 911? About 20 minutes. You and your family would be dead by then. The police are not going to stop someone accosting you or your family unless the police are right there as it is happening. So what kind of guns would you own for personal protection?

My preferences are a 9mm handgun that holds at least 12 bullets, a short-barrel 12 gauge shot gun that holds seven rounds, and a 9mm AR-style rifle with a 30-bullet clip.

Why these?

If someone accosts you on the street, you will be at close range, so a handgun is best. A handgun is accurate for average guys up to about 15 feet. A 9mm bullet is enough to bring down a big guy, but also small enough to hold 17 in a clip for many guns. It can be fired at a rate of 20 per minute, and a clip can be changed within five seconds. So it is possible to fire a hand gun more than 70 times in 4 minutes, especially if the shooter uses more than one hand gun, as demonstrated at the mass shooting at Virginia Tech in April 2007.

What about in your home? Up to 25 feet, use a short-barreled, 12-gauge shotgun that holds seven shells. A 12-gauge will stop anyone and can be fired by women. A short barrel allows it to be aimed quickly and is not bulky for movement around corners, walls and furniture. Seven shots would have stopped the three intruders that broke into our home when my wife was eight months pregnant.

So why a 9mm AR with a 30-bullet clip? If the distance is more than 25 feet, then accuracy is most important. A rifle is more accurate than a pistol and a short-barreled shotgun spreads after 25 feet.

An AR is an assault rifle because it has a shorter barrel than a normal rifle and it has an adjustable shorter stock. The shortness of the rifle makes it more maneuverable in combat situations: combat in your home around corners and furniture, not just in war. The 9mm bullets used in the handgun and in the AR are the same. A 30-capacity clip gives it the same firepower as two semi-automatic handguns or a handgun with one additional clip. Are 30 too many? Not if you are defending yourself.

If clips that hold more than 10 are banned, then many handguns that hold more than 10 also will be banned. Democratic politicians know this. They are hoping that the general public does not. Dishonest.

An average of 900,000 unborn babies are killed by abortions each year: 900,000 vs 19,000 gun deaths other than suicides. That’s 900,000 vs. 19,000. Almost 50 times more abortions than gun killings! Where is the outrage about abortions? Why isn’t anyone trying to ban medical equipment used for abortions as they are trying to ban guns? If a woman’s right to choose an abortion is protected by the Constitution, then so is gun ownership. Liberals have incredible hypocrisy!

Democrats are using rare mass shootings with AR-style weapons to justify their liberal agenda to ban guns incrementally just as they used false hype about the Jan. 6 demonstrations at the Capitol building to justify impeaching Trump. No person in the federal government has any authority to infringe on the ownership of guns without an amendment to the Constitution. Not even the president. And any limits on clip sizes, types of rifles, ownership and carrying a gun in public are all “infringements” on the right to own and bear arms.

So how can Democrats deny me or anyone else the right to defend self, property, family, friends and country?

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